eBay Take Down Sale Of Original Fake Taxi

fake taxieBay

eBay have taken down the listing for the original Fake Taxi from the popular adult brand for a hilarious reason.

Two days ago (February 27), the company put their original taxi up for sale on eBay, an auction which received quite a lot of attention.

The last time I checked on the day, over 130 bids had been placed reaching up to £65,900.

fake taxieBay

Over the past two to three years, over 200 rides have been filmed in the taxi, which is the original vehicle used in the early days of Fake Taxi and Female Fake Taxi, by John and Rebecca More.

Speaking to UNILAD, the CEO of Fake Taxi, Joe, revealed that although the team have many treasured memories of the vehicle, it was time to let it go.

He said:

John’s happy to see the back of it to be honest. It’s got 280,000 miles on the cock, clock sorry. And it was rattling a bit, affecting his performance.

To be honest, we have four of them in our fleet. This one was stored at one of our producers’ houses.

However, he is moving and his wife is sick of finding him sat in the front seat pretending to be John. It was her or the taxi.

Wanting the taxi to go to a ‘loving, loyal owner and a good home’, the team decided to sell it on eBay to give the public a chance to get their very own slice of porn history.

Unfortunately a day after the eBay listing was published (February 28), it had been removed from the website.

When you click on the original link, you are taken to an error page, which reads ‘we looked everywhere, looks like this page is missing’.


Although it was at first unclear whether someone had reported the listing or eBay had it removed themselves, Fake Taxi have received a response from the website.

CEO Joe told UNILAD eBay decided to take down the advert as they do not allow the sale of ‘human bodily fluids’ on their site.

Their response read:

The taxi that you listed is prohibited on eBay due to the bodily fluids in the vehicle. eBay does not allow the listing of any human bodily fluids. We appreciate that you chose to utilize our site, but we must ask that you please not relist in this case.

Fake Taxi did say in the description the vehicle ‘will need a steam clean to get rid of all bacteria’, although the company added they are not liable for ‘any STDs you may catch’, describing the taxi as ‘filthy’.

fake taxi ebayeBay

While the listing has been removed, the taxi is still up for sale with Joe adding they have been getting offers from ‘serious bidders’ via email.

We are sure it will go to the ‘loving’ home it deserves!

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