Explorers Left Terrified By Creepy Messages In Abandoned Offices


Warning: Some Graphic Images

Usually if an abandoned building has a sign clearly stating ‘no trespassing’ I’m more than inclined to respect the building owner’s wishes.

Well if your YouTube channel is dedicated to the urban exploration of abandoned, derelict structures a ‘No Entry’ sign is more than likely an open challenge to set foot on said site – despite potential consequences…

Case-in-point: the guys from Hell On Earth, who have over 58K subscribers to their YouTube channel, give absolutely zero ‘effs’ when it comes to exploring closed off areas. However, their latest adventure may have taken them to their limits because what they came across was incredibly scary.

On their YouTube bio page, the Hell On Earth team describes themselves as ‘Urban explorers, wheelchair stuntmen, film people, heat seeking panthers and general all round screw ups’, who explore ‘the dilapidated ruins of civilisation, abandoned factories, creepy theme parks, military bases, and underground vaults’. All of which have been left to decay and be forgotten by time itself.

In their latest urban excursion, it appears our intrepid adventurers bit off more than they could chew when they entered an abandoned building supposedly used by the Ministry of Defence, at least according to the security guards that caught up with the team.

Speaking to UNILAD, Hell On Earth’s Mark Lloyd said:

We found out about the building through a friend of a friend, we often get told about these places as people know us from our videos.

There was pretty much no research on the location other than where it was, so we had no idea about who owned it.

Mark believes the building actually belonged to the Ministry of Justice, but whoever it was owned by is irrelevant, because what they found in there was like something out of the opening scenes of Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later. Upon the first few seconds, Mark and his fellow ‘Hell On Earthers‘ are greeted by a message scrawled on the wall which says ‘DIE’.

I’ll be honest if this is the first thing I come across in an abandoned building I’m getting the hell out of there, but credit to the guys they decided to delve further down the proverbial rabbit hole. But as they continued deeper into the abandoned building they came across more messages on the wall telling them ‘DON’T GO UPSTAIRS’.

They also came across various rooms and corridors littered with dead pigeons. Mark tells us at this point the fear started to set into among the team.

Despite being completely freaked out ‘pretty much the whole time’, Marks said they thought:

Let’s just film what we can and get out. We don’t often visit buildings at night because everything just seems creepier at night.

We were actually on the way out anyway just before we saw the light from the security guards’ torch.

Mark told us they weren’t looking to find anything ‘in particular’ but had a destination:

We were hoping to get to the top of the building as there was a cool clock tower which would have been great to see.

We left the majority of what we filmed in the video because we felt it was important to recreate the atmosphere of the time.

Eventually, the boys were able to leave the pigeon corpse filled building in one piece with their minds still intact, but the ordeal was far from over.

As soon as they got out the building they were greeted by two inhospitable security guards. Naturally, they were keen to find out what the guys were up to in the building, which was clearly marked with the warning: ‘No trespassing’.

Mark explained:

We were actually next to the window where they were shining torches into the building for a good 5-10 minutes. But once we realised they weren’t leaving we became impatient so just went for it hoping it would be a quick ‘can you leave please guys?’ which is what we usually get.

Things seemed to get a lot more serious when the security told them they were calling the police.

Which wasn’t a problem for the experienced explorers:

[We] knew there was no way we would be arrested, the security guards had it in their heads that we were going to prison for the rest of our lives, and despite knowing they had no right to keep us there, we decided to wait for the police just because from experience we knew it would be a quick telling off and then they would let us on our way.

It was actually the security guards that seemed to get more of a telling off for not securing the building properly.

As they were waiting for the police to come and question them they asked the security guards why the building was littered with dead pigeons – to which they responded: ‘It’s haunted.’

While Mark doesn’t believe that for one second, he did admit it was one of the scariest places the Hell On Earth team has visited.

He said:

This place was a different kind of scary, we still wonder who or what was behind all the bird murders.

Seeing as the site is owned by the MoD (or MoJ – whoever you choose to believe) it will most likely be a mystery which will never be solved.

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