Factory Worker Earns £5,000 A Year From Single Kim Kardashian Tweet


A simple tweet from Kim Kardashian was all it took to boost the income of a 25-year-old lad from Louth, in Lincolnshire.

Jerome Billingham was packing laundry for a living when he tweeted the star back in 2013, saying: “Do you notice your fans? I love you loads! #hotlove.”

He told UNILAD, he just wanted to see if he would get a reply, adding: “I never expected to get a reply to be honest, I was shocked when I did.”

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Kim Kardashian replied to Jerome on the same day with: “Love you too!” and it all went from there.

Jerome, who now works as an activity team member, told UNILAD:

I started gaining and growing on Twitter and that’s when I started having a massive interest in social media. Before I wasn’t even bothered.

But the fact I’m more noticeable, that my tweets get shared all over the internet, means everyday I’m growing more and more. And the making money side, plus the free stuff, discounts I get off anything I really want.

And I’ve had the opportunity to talk to celebs over direct message especially when some of them are sharing my stuff on their Twitter and Instagram pages.

Jerome Billingham

Despite some trolls, Jerome says 80% of his messages are positive and he also gets the occasional weird request.

He said:

I have people tweeting all the time asking me if I can get Kim to notice me them and I’ve even had people ask me in the past to wear a pair of socks for a week then send them to their home address, that’s just weird, but that’s the kind of stuff I get a lot of the time!

Jerome, who wants to pursue a career in social media and release a clothing brand, told UNILAD how he keeps his followers on social media.

He said:

People need to realise that to keep up on social media I have to keep up with daily tweets. Tweet what’s trending, tweet what people in the world are talking about.

If not I start to lose followers. People think it’s just quick, easy tweeting but in fact sometimes it can be very hard and pressure from my followers sometimes can be immense.

Jerome Billingham

Now excited for what’s coming next, Jerome told UNILAD:

The whole thing has opened a lot of doors for me if I’m honest I’m just excited to see the next chapter of my life. I did a live radio phone call on an American radio station Mytalk 107.1 the other day which was really cool

Since this has all come out my phone has been none stop for the past couple of days. It’s funny to see the people who claim to dislike you, send you a request on Facebook or Instagram!

Good luck to you!