Fake Taxi Creator Answers Question On Everyone’s Mind

Fake Taxi/Twitter

Fake Taxi has become one of the most famous adult brands, following a simple yet effective premise.


If you know, you know.

Basically a woman or a few women get into a taxi (shh they’re adult actresses) before engaging in some flirty banter with the cabby, followed closely by lots of sex in the back of said taxi.

Fake Taxi/Twitter

It’s a premise that has proved very popular amongst fans of adult films, and yesterday Fake Taxi took its 500th ride with three women in the back, equipped with assorted sex toys.

One of the creators of Fake Taxi, Lew Thomas, has answered the question everyone has always wondered…Why is the male driver’s face always blurred while the women’s are not?

Lew, 37, wrote on Reddit:

It started out with us thinking that no one really wants to see his face, and now it’s become kind of an iconic part of the brand.

Many Reddit users thanked Lew for the face blurring as they support his assertion that people don’t want to see the man’s face.


The blurred face of the taxi driver caused a lot of intrigue online, with many wondering what lay behind the big smudge.

Lew, who did a Film Production degree in 2001 and ‘accidentally’ became an adult film maker, explained how Fake Taxi came about.

He said:


Fake Taxi was never a joke idea. About 2 years after JT and I formed the production company, we’d already launched 6 websites and we had ideas for a bunch more.

During this period we would constantly be bouncing ideas around, making plans for the next few years and writing down what brands we’d like to create or niches we’d like to explore.

I remember he called me one evening and said “Fake Taxi!” And that was it, we took it from there.

Lew said he was busy filming MassageRooms at the time so it was a while before they started shooting for Fake Taxi and finding someone to take the role of the driver.

Lew continued:

Eventually we decided the best choice was a guy I’d known since 2001, he was really perfect for the part except he wasn’t particularly technical and wasn’t thrilled about having to set up cameras etc.

So he drove to my house in this black cab and we spent the afternoon going over everything, I showed him how everything worked and what he needed to do. We wanted to keep it as simple as possible anyway.

Then we set up the cameras in the cab and he drove around the block and picked me up and I pretended to be a passenger. Then he went home and the next week started sending me footage to start editing. And the rest is history!

With such a risqué and interesting career, Lew revealed he actually tells people who don’t know him that he writes the descriptions on the back of shampoo bottles.

Apparently his parents never had an issue with what he does, and when he started he said his ‘dad was just happy to get my out of the house’.

Finally he was asked if he is ever tempted to be in front of the camera, to which he hilariously admitted: ‘No because I am hung like a baby carrot and a couple of petite pois’.

Oh and he’s been married for 11 years so, in his words, ‘I no longer have sex’.

Now you know everything and more about the nation’s favourite transport based reality pornography genre.

The future is looking bright for Fake Taxi, as well as its other creative arms of Fake Hostel, Fake Hospital, Fake Driving Lesson and many more.

Lew said they want to do a Game of Thrones era medieval Fake Taxi on a horse drawn carriage.

No words needed.