Family Convince Brother He’s Invisible, He Does Something He’ll Regret

Brother tricked into thinking he is invisible.ViralHog

The best pranks are the ones planned out carefully in advance, ensuring the prankee is blissfully unaware.

And unfortunately for 13-year-old Sammy from North Carolina, he has been born into a family of master prankers; skilled in the art of keeping straight faces while carrying out the most mischievous of practical jokes.

As poor Sammy sat beneath a sheet, he fully believed his brother was performing a magical trick to turn him invisible. I mean, it’s not like your siblings would ever dream of making you look silly, right?

The shocked exclamations from family members once the sheet was lifted further convinced him something incredible had happened, and the ecstatic teen had no idea he was being tricked by his own flesh and blood.

Sammy’s sister-in-law Norma Gutierrez explained:

My husband, friends and I all had seen a video about a guy that had been tricked into thinking he was invisible. One of our friends suggested that we should try it on her little brother because he, out of all of us, would be the one to fall for it.

We planned it all this past Sunday in our basement while her little brother had gone upstairs to eat. We planned everything out and she took a picture beforehand of my husband’s little brother next to the couch.

We all planned to act surprised when my husband went and uncovered him with the blanket. At first, he didn’t seem to fall for it until his sister went to take the picture of my brother in law next to the couch, when she showed the picture it only showed my brother in law and not her little brother.

After seeing the picture, Sammy clapped his hands to his face with pure delight, shouting ‘oh my gosh!’ repeatedly while his family members feigned a similar sense of wonderment.

Hopping around the room in a state of sheer glee, Sammy was the picture of giddiness as he considered his own amazing new powers. As someone who grew up coveting Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak, I totally get this.

Things became even more hilarious/cruel when his family members started handing Sammy objects to hold, such as a bottle of Gatorade and a bin. They reacted as if the objects were levitating in mid air, held by a disembodied hand.

Confident in the knowledge nobody could see him, Sammy took the opportunity to pull a moony amidst spooked cries of ‘where is he?”

Sammy’s 19-year-old sister Reina told UNILAD:

We saw the show ‘Magic for Humans’ where they do it to a few gentlemen men and decide to do it on my brother.

While he was upstairs eating tacos me and my friends and his friends decided to start planning. We took the picture before he got there.

Once he got there we started telling him we learned this new magic trick and to let us try it on him. His reaction was priceless his face was truly the face of being mind blown.

Sammy, I speak as a fairly gullible person when I say you need to prank your siblings right back, right now before this becomes routine!

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