Family So Excited For Christmas They’ve Already Got Their Tree Up

Becky Lytollis

A mum and daughter who love Christmas so much have already put up their tree and decorated their house to get into the festive spirit.

Becky Lytollis and her seven-year-old daughter Lilly-May, set about decorating their home and hung out Christmas lights this weekend after a trip to Blackpool.

And now their home in Liverpool is all set for the festive season – three months early.

Becky Lytollis

Becky told UNILAD:

We put our Christmas tree up and the outside lights up on Sunday after we’d been to see the lights in Blackpool the evening before.

We were sat at home and Lilly-May asked if we could put the tree up, so me being a crazy mum said ‘yes’.

Becky Lytollis

Becky added:

Last year they went up middle of November but we’ve never put them up this early.

My daughter knows Christmas is after her birthday which is on the 1st September. We both love Christmas but my daughter loves it just like every other seven-year-old does.

Becky Lytollis

Finally, to anybody who might think it’s too early, Becky told UNILAD:

It may be early but as the saying goes you only live once.

Yes, people will have their opinion on it being up so early but there’s no harm in it, it’s just a Christmas tree that my daughter wanted up!

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Good on you both, enjoy the season for longer!