Family Take Dog On Road Trip, Has Picture Taken In Each State

dog family road trip state americaLexee Leach/Twitter

A family took their dog on a road trip across America taking a photo of him in each state along the way.

Bentley, a 12-year-old Maltese pup, affectionally known as Benny, goes everywhere with the Leach family and so went on a journey from Texas to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to see family member Drake at his national speech tournament.

Owners John and Beth Leach couldn’t resist taking photos of Benny next to the signs for the states on their travels and naturally the adorable images went viral on Twitter.

Check them out here:

Family member Lexee shared the images online writing:

My parents took our dog on a road trip and he got to stop in every state to mark his journey!!

He was also pretty happy to make it home.

He’s a world traveler! For his birthday, he wanted to go to the Alamo!!

Lexee’s tweets took the internet by storm receiving over 100,000 likes so far at time of writing (July 4).

This is understandable though considering Benny’s just too damn cute face!

21-year-old Lexee from Colleyville in Texas told UNILAD since the death of their other dog Max in October 2017, Benny and the Leach family are just inseparable.

She continued:

My family adores him and treats him like another sibling. My parents take him everywhere in his little doggy bag and everyone just loves him.

We’ve always been obsessed with our puppies, but we actually had two Maltese dogs for most of my life. My other dog was named Max, and he was 14 when he passed away in October. He looked exactly like Bentley and they even came from the same puppy parents!

That was actually pretty hard for my family, and we didn’t want Bentley to be sad at home by himself so that’s why we started taking him everywhere with us!

He loves travelling. My mum puts his bed up in the front side and he rides shotgun everywhere. The rest of us are in the back!

Since Benny is now practically a celebrity, he should really be the one who rides shotgun!

According to Lexee though, fame hasn’t got to Benny:

He’s taking just as many naps as he was before, so he hasn’t changed a bit! He LOVES attention, so that just means more people have sent him love!

Some people have even used a photo of Benny for their phone lock screen as the images just bring happiness into their lives.

If you don’t believe me:

Mum Beth told UNILAD she couldn’t believe the love the internet was showing Benny when Lexee let her know how he had become a viral sensation.

She added:

I was shocked that THIS one went viral, because we’ve been taking pictures of him for years, but I love it because I love him so much! We’re gonna be empty nesters this fall, so there’s more where that came from!

We take him everywhere because we don’t want him to be sad without his brother at home. Now that Max isn’t here anymore, I want to make sure he is loved and never lonely!

If there is one thing Benny is, it is loved.

Keep living your best life, Benny!

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