Family Trick Brother Into Thinking He’s Invisible, He Completely Loses It

family prank brother invisibleUNILAD

After a video went viral recently of a family convincing a 13-year-old he was invisible, many other people have attempted the prank sharing their efforts online.

While the majority failed, some were successful. Meanwhile the efforts of the Camacho family may well be the best we have seen so far.

It is safe to say the poor kid who was being pranked was not impressed by his family’s joke.

You can watch a video of it here:

While 13-year-old Jocelyn, from El Centro, California, was browsing through social media one day, she noticed there were plenty of these ‘disappearing’ videos around and so decided to give it a try.

Joining forces with her 17-year-old sister Julissa, the pair got the support of their parents to play a prank on their younger brother.

Poor eight-year-old Ezequiel never saw it coming, as is made clear by his rather shocked and upset reaction.

family prank brother invisibleUNILAD

Jocelyn could barely keep a straight face as she started the prank yelling ‘abracadabra’, waving her hands over a blanket covering Ezequiel.

Whipping the blanket off to revealing he was very much in the room, looking bored and unconvinced, Jocelyn and Julissa can be heard screaming ‘no way, he is not here, he is not here’ showing off their acting skills.

It clearly worked as Ezequiel is now beginning to look more interested.

family prank brother invisibleUNILAD

Julissa can then be heard telling Jocelyn to sit down so they can take a picture and prove to Ezequiel he is invisible.

By this point it is clear he is fully convinced, giving Jocelyn the middle finger as she took a picture next to him.

However, his attitude soon changes as they show him the photographic ‘evidence’ which ‘proves’ he is indeed invisible.

First not knowing what to do, Ezequiel suddenly starts screaming before breaking down into floods of tears.

family prank brother invisibleUNILAD

Clearly upset, he then pushes his sister Jocelyn who is still hilariously playing along saying to her sister ‘OMG something just hit me’.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Julissa said she couldn’t believe how her brother reacted:

We always get him so good but his reaction was hilarious. I wanted to laugh so bad but I just couldn’t as I would have spoiled it.

Even this morning, he has barely got over it. It is amazing how viral it has gone. I would never have expected that.

He is happy the video has gone viral as he always wanted to be a YouTuber.

So every cloud hey Ezequiel!

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