Fan Meets Paul McCartney Stood Under A Beatles Statue

Dad met Paul McCartney under Beatles statueUNILAD

One of the key attractions of Liverpool is the legendary Beatles history that lies there.

When you go, you expect to see the Cavern Club, the museums, and the statues, but never the actual Beatles themselves.

Mark Jones, from Wales, was on a day out in the Scouse capital when he spotted the one and only Paul McCartney standing right in front of his respective statue.

Speaking to UNILAD, Mark said:

I was in Liverpool for weekend celebrating my mates 50th birthday, he is a big Beatles fan. On the Saturday at lunchtime we were strolling around the pier head to get a ferry across the Mersey when I spotted the fab fours statues which my mate wanted to have a photo with.

There was a small group of women having their photos done and when they had finished I ushered Sean my mate towards them to get his pic done, I then noticed James Corden crossing the road towards the statues, I then called to Sean and said James Corden is heading this way and who is that with him?

Sean laughed and turned around and gasped ‘oh my god it’s Paul McCartney!’. I responded saying it was a lookalike more likely.

Mark continued:

Then to our amazement Sir Paul leapt from behind his own statue and he and James Corden started taking selfies! When the filming finished I shook Sir Paul’s hand and said thank you Sir, he replied no, thank you!

It was so surreal to meet such a megastar in his own town, making his statue come alive. We then realised it was for the Late Show’s Car Pool Karaoke.

My mates on Facebook had a job believing it even with photographic evidence. In the evening we went to the Beatles concert in the Cavern live lounge and I don’t think there was a person in Liverpool that my mate Sean didn’t tell the episode too. Absolutely amazing.

Tweet about Dad meeting Paul McCartney under Beatles statueUNILAD

Mark’s son Luke, who posted the video to Twitter, said:

I was in disbelief, my mam rang me before he sent he video telling me about it. And then about 20 minutes later he sent me the video. It was bizarre!

That’s a once in a lifetime affair.

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