Fans Spot Bizarre Link Between Stranger Things And IT

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Warning: Spoilers For Stranger Things 2 Below


If you haven’t binge watched all of Stranger Things 2 yet then you are missing out as it’s brilliant!


The hit Netflix show came back with a bang last month and it’s just as good as the first season, living up to the hype.

As it’s so layered and mysterious, there’s naturally going to be dozens of fan theories as there’s plenty of intriguing details to pick up and ponder on.

You can watch the trailer for Stranger Things 2 here:

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One new addition to the cast, The Goonies‘ very own Sean Astin who played Joyce Byers’ love interest Bob, has certainly plucked up fans’ interest.

Not only was he lovable, (and such a wonderful character who came to a tragic end – #JusticeForBob), but he also made reference to Pennywise – the terrifying dancing clown from Stephen King’s famous horror novel It.

Given the Duffer Brothers love Stephen King and are known to make references to his work in Stranger Things, it certainly is plausible the two worlds can be a part of the same universe.

Warner Bros. Pictures

In an early episode of season two, Bob attempts to help the young Will deal with his nightmares, even though at this point he has no knowledge of the Upside Down.

Bob tells Will about a recurring nightmare he had as a child, about a clown he’d met called ‘Mr. Baldo’.

Even though he knows the clown as ‘Mr. Baldo’ rather than ‘Pennywise’, (considering the creature from It is a shape-shifting entity who has no solid identity while being millions of years old), he could’ve very well been ‘Mr. Baldo’ for Bob.


In his nightmares the clown would continually offer Bob a balloon and it wasn’t until he stood his ground and told Mr. Baldo he wasn’t afraid, did the dreams end.

If you’ve read It or seen the film adaptation which made waves earlier this year, then this will sound familiar to you.

Plus, Bob is from Maine – which is where It is set and he’d have been a child in the 1950’s – which lines up with Pennywise’s cycle of appearances, which take place every 27 years.

You can watch a trailer for the hit 2017 cinematic adaptation of It below:


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This would also make sense of a mysterious tweet Netflix shared in the lead-up to the second season.

An innocuous image of a plain white background with a small tear in the corner, which looked like it had been torn by a pair of hands, Netflix had us all hooked with this sinister post:

Although many were left confused, if you’re familiar with the original television adaptation of It, the image may mean something to you.

This is because it’s remarkably like the DVD cover for the miniseries:

Warner Bros. Television

The cover comprises of a white background with Tim Curry’s terrifying clown Pennywise creeping into the top right hand corner as his hands tear away at it.

The only difference between the two is Pennywise is nowhere in sight in the Netflix tweet, although his hands appear to have been all over it.

Will we see the dancing clown appear in future episodes? Who knows? It would be incredible though!

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