Father Ted Will Always Have The Best Christmas Special

Channel 4

As soon as you hear the words ‘this is Ireland’s biggest lingerie section’ you know Christmas is here.

Forget The Office, Extras, Doctor Who and Eastenders, there’s only one TV Christmas special which needs watching each festive period and it’s Father Ted‘s.

Every time I watch A Christmassy Ted it just gets better and better and even though it was first broadcast back in 1996, it’s still aired every Christmas on Channel 4.

It deserves to be though as no Christmas is complete without it!

Channel 4

At nearly an hour long, you get double the amount of Father Ted than normal but the episode never feels too lengthy, being packed full of memorable moments and hilarious jokes in every single scene.

As soon as your body starts recovering from laughing too much, Mrs Doyle falls down again or Father Dougal says something so stupid you can’t help but get the giggles.

Let’s be honest, A Christmassy Ted deserves the title of best Christmas special for the wrong department scene alone, which, in my opinion, is one of the greatest TV has ever seen.

You can watch the fantastic clip in all it’s glory here:

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The idea behind the scene is pretty basic – a group of priests get lost in the lingerie section of a large department store being unable to find the exit.

It once again proves sometimes, the simplest of ideas work best as this is what makes the scene so effective and funny, leaving us all crying with laughter.

No-one, especially men, feel completely comfortable wandering around the underwear section in any shop and so the idea of a group of priests trying to escape from one is just so relatable and hilarious to think about.

It’s no wonder every time I end up shopping for bras my boyfriend quotes that famous line.

Channel 4

Parodying many great war films, watching hero Ted evacuate his priests is sublimely ridiculous as it plays out like the epic climax of Full Metal Jacket.

The ridiculousness continues as Ted is over the moon to find out he’s won a Golden Cleric award for his heroics.

What follows is a hysterical parody lampooning the deluded self grandeur of all award ceremonies, including an Oscar style presentation ceremony and a speech so egomaniacal, even a certain U.S. President would blush reading it.

Seriously though, ‘and now we move onto the liars’ is so eeriely similar to one of Trumps continued cries of ‘fake news’, it’s like creator and writer Graham Lineham could see into the future and justifies why the episode remains relevant even today.

Channel 4

It’s the little things which round off A Christmassy Ted, leaving us with a beaming smile on our faces throughout, just like the loveable Dougal.

For example, there’s Mrs Doyle’s despair as she gets given her arch-nemesis as a gift for Christmas: a tea-making machine which ‘takes the misery out of making tea’.

She of course questions ‘but what if I like the misery’ leaving us all cackling as she gives the dreaded Teamaster irresistible death stares.

Channel 4

Then there’s drunken Father Jack playing in a creche, Dougal saying Herbie is a scary movie and Mrs. Doyle guessing the name of Father Todd Unctious, who claims he’s an old school pal of Ted.

The script is quick, witty and fast-paced with plenty of one-liners, meaning you’ll be quoting lines moments before the characters say them.

Staying true to the series with added festive cheer and anguish, it really is a joy to watch!