Feeder Reveals Moment That First Got Her Hooked On The Fetish

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Food is one of the greatest joys in life, so why is it seen as so strange to have a fetish for it? 

Even when mixing food with sex, who isn’t partial to a bit of whipped cream on a nipple?

However, there are people who take it a step further and are sexually satisfied from feeding or being fed food.

According to the omniscient vision of Pornhub, feederism searches were 600 per cent more popular in March 2018 than they were in July of 2014. It’s on the up.

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Pornhub revealed to UNILAD, the most common feederism search is ‘belly stuffing’, followed by ‘feedee’.

The top searches are often combined with terms like ‘BBW’ (Big Beautiful Woman), ‘SSBBW’ (Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman), ‘belly’, ‘stuffing’ and ‘gainer’.

Feederism is a variety of fat fetishism, where gratification is obtained not from the fat itself, but from the process of gaining or helping others gain body fat.

Men are 45 per cent more likely to search for feederism when compared to women and visitors in the 18 to 24 age group are 63 per cent more likely to search, when compared to all other age groups.

As the age visitors increase, interest in feederism drops off, with those over the age of 55 being 50 per cent less likely to search.


Reddit has a few subreddits associated with feederism, the main one is ‘r/Stuffers’ and it has over 10,000 subscribers.

Delilah Dee, who’s not only a proud feedee but also makes a living running her feeder fetish website, told us the feeder fetish community is ‘super supportive and friendly’.

She explained it would be a struggle to find another community as accepting as them in a society which has ‘made it so taboo to gain weight or overeat’.

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Speaking to UNILAD, 28-year-old Delilah said:

Think about a vampire getting his fix on blood – that’s kind of the way feedees feel about being fed.

It’s that insatiable lust for food, that desire and addiction to something that tastes amazing and to be at the mercy of your feeder.

They have complete control over what you eat, how you eat, how much weight you gain  – it’s a total submission.

Something people (women in particular), hate to lose control of is their weight – it’s a fear – like giving our money away, our freedom, things like that.

There’s something really insatiable about submitting 100 per cent to your feeder and I personally think that’s the main appeal.

Delilah - Supplied

A fetish like feederism can be tricky to bring up with a partner, but Delilah said if ‘you’re truly sexually aroused by watching your partner eat or vice versa, it would be best to sit them down and explain the fetish to them’.

Delilah’s most popular videos include body inflation, gaining weight and enemas.

She also revealed how her perfect fetish fantasy would be a ‘dinner date atop the Eiffel Tower, being fed the most delicious meals done by the top chefs in the world’.

On the flip side, there are those who love to do the feeding. Cue Anna, (not her real name), who’s liked feeding since she was very young:

Anna - Supplied

Speaking to UNILAD, self-proclaimed ‘feeder’ ‘Anna’ said:

I’ve had this fetish since I was a toddler, when I was around two or three years old. I used to draw bears with large stomachs and fat kids with lollipops in their mouths at four-years-old.

I tended to stuff my doll’s clothes with other doll clothes to make them fat as a child.

I’d draw faces on balloons and I’d be interested in movies involving fat characters or characters inflating or getting fat, like the scene with violet in Willy Wonka.

Paramount Pictures

Anna said she likes to think of them as ‘eating and gaining weight’, because it brings ‘people happiness when they enjoy food they like’.

She described thinking of someone ‘eating in surplus to gain in weight’ as a ‘sensual activity’.

Anna revealed to UNILAD:

As someone who’s a feeder, I’m uninterested in gaining weight myself and prefer to see others gain weight.

It’s personal preference basically.

Anna - Supplied

At first, Anna’s fantasies took place through drawings, which her mother disliked. This was then followed by an imaginary fat friend.

Anna explained to UNILAD:

My drawings always included a fat guy or fat people. In grade school, I made a picture book for a group project and I found it had similar themes and drawings, as well as a repeated use of the word ‘fat’.

As I became a pre-teen, I found I was getting crushes on overweight boys and as I started going through puberty, I found I wasn’t attracted to ‘attractive’ fit people.

I thought, maybe, I was a bit a-sexual or something. Yet when I was 12 or 13, I started masturbating and learned fat guys and weight gain/feeding/stuffing turned me on.

I felt very strange about this revelation but it felt good so I did it anyway at night. It was the first time I successfully pleasured myself.

At that age I made an imaginary boyfriend who became a sort of male version of a ‘waifu’ or an imaginary cartoon crush or girlfriend.

Take a look at one of Anna’s drawings:


The imaginary friend had personality traits, a pet and a life of his own, including a favourite TV show, clothes and favourite foods.

Now, Anna has moved on from the character and has a boyfriend who shares her feeder fetish.

The social stigma and bullying made Anna feel very embarrassed and as a result, she started drawing slim, conventionally attractive men to hide her fetish.


She’s still closeted now and at one point, even set up a ‘fat people hate account’ on a comedy site.

Anna is scared if more people know, she’ll be ‘considered strange’ as well as a ‘trolling target’.

Anna concluded to UNILAD:

It’s definitely a taboo in that it has the added criticism of being bad for someone else’s health and being a social outsider in not fitting the status quo.

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Who are we to judge? Each to their own!

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