Firework Causes Chaos On London Bus After Thug Fires It On Board

YouTube / Apostolos

An absolute idiot set a firework off into a moving London bus, which was filmed ricocheting around the public transport vehicle.

Terrified passengers on the bus, which was travelling from Camden to Angel via Islington at the time of the attack, could be seen ducking for cover and screaming throughout the clip.

You can watch the moment the thug shot the explosive into the open vehicle below:

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The footage was filmed when the incident occurred last weekend and posted onto Instagram by passenger Joe Listo-Rees.

It was shared to YouTube by his friend, Apostolos Filis.

Filis told UNILAD they were accompanied by another friend, Roni Ulusoy, saying:

Last weekend, we were randomly attacked by a group of 6 guys shooting at us with fireworks, thankfully no one got injured, police was finally called. [sic]

Youtube / Apostolos

A young man, wearing a grey tracksuit, can be seen firing the rocket with the help of a friend who lit the device, before the group flee immediately afterwards.

In the aftermath of the criminal and reckless firework display, a number of passengers disembarked and tried to chase after the gang of perpetrators.

Amazingly, it seemed no one was injured but the clip shows one female passenger enquiring after the safety of the bus driver, who was in direct line of fire.

Youtube / Apostolos

Steve Burton, Transport for London’s director of enforcement, said the behaviour ‘will not be tolerated’ and TfL are working with the Metropolitan Police.

It’s believed no arrests have been made as of yet.

A similar incident caused customers in an Arizona Walmart to fear a gunman was on the loose in the supermarket, after fireworks were lit in the aisle of the store.

Customers at the Walmart store in Phoenix understandably feared the worst when what sounded like gunfire resonated throughout a store last Wednesday.

The footage was posted online by the alleged perpetrator, who went by the handle ‘Vladimir Putin’ and captioned the clip ‘When You light the Fireworks Stand In Walmart’. Idiot.

The incident, thankfully, didn’t involve a gunman, but it was still disturbing – the firework aisle at the store had become engulfed in flames.

YouTube/Vladimir Putin

Ardell Deliz of the Phoenix Fire Department told ABC:

A lot of people thought they were being shot at. We treated everyone for smoke inhalation on the scene.

This could have been deadly. Walmart did a great job of evacuating.

The fire was brought under control ten minutes after the first alarm was raised in store and a subsequent investigation was conducted by the fire authorities, who released images of suspects.

Phoenix Fire Department

It goes without saying, if the fire was started deliberately, then those responsible are absolute weapons.

But perhaps Walmart should also recognise the fact, as a store, they made the scene entirely possible by leaving the fireworks on display to the public, some of whom are uncontrollable fools, apparently.

Luckily no one was hurt in either incident.