Five Moments You Can’t Trust In The Avengers: Endgame Trailer

avengers endgame trailerMarvel Studios

Well, it’s here, after what feels like an eternity of waiting, the first teaser trailer for Avengers: Endgame has finally dropped. 

And while the vast majority of the world is delighted to finally know what’s going to happen to Earth’s mightiest heroes we here at UNILAD Towers can’t help but raise a sceptical eyebrow.

After all the trailers for Infinity War included a few fake moments that weren’t in the film and while the Russos may have said they’re too tired to film fake scenes they would say that, wouldn’t they?

So we’ve combed through the Endgame (God it’s good to finally know the title) to pick out moments we think are deliberately misleading us.

So strap in because we’re about to go full Charlie in the mailroom on the Avengers: Endgame trailer!


Iron Man’s Last Will And Testament 

(Due to our writer being an idiot the original version of this story named Nebula ‘Gamora’, we can only apologise)

The trailer opens with ‘the invincible Iron Man’, aka Tony Stark, looking anything but invincible. To be frank, it’s clear he’s hurt, desperate, and dare we even say dying. 

The natural thing to think is that this is Tony at the start of the film, when he’s presumably escaped from Titan with Nebula aboard the Guardian’s spaceship, but is that necessarily true?

There’s nothing in the trailer that suggests it is the start of the film. Might it be that this is Tony at the end of Endgame and we’re seeing Iron Man’s last moments after ‘winning’?

avengers endgame tony starMarvel Studios

Of course, you can argue that you see Nebula on the ship with Tony later so it has to be ‘the present’, but it’s been hinted that Endgame will explore different realities and timelines so who knows if what we see is sequential?

It could beNebula on the ship is an entirely different universe, this Tony might be an entirely different version than the one we know and love, or this could be just a vision Doctor Strange is having!

What’s perhaps most telling is Tony mentions running out of food and oxygen, which will presumably kill him, but he doesn’t mention Nebula who presumably also needs to eat and breathe. Could it be in this timeline Nebula not on the ship with him?

Basically, this entire section of the trailer seems suspicious to us.

Thanos Is The Villain

ThanosWalt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

After the event of ‘the Snappening’, or ‘the Reckoning’ as it’s been called in the comics, you might presume that the Mad Titan, Thanos, is the film’s big bad but we’re not so sure. 

Again nothing in the trailer directly states that Thanos is the villain. In fact, the only thing we see Thanos doing is pulling a Theresa May and wandering through a field of wheat, which might be naughty but it’s not evil.

So who will the baddy be? Well, recent promotional materials suggested that there are ‘new foes who pose an even greater threat’ to the Universe than Thanos.

The Marvel Comics’ Universe isn’t exactly short of being more powerful than Thanos, even with a fully blinged out Infinity gauntlet, including the Beyonders and the Celestials.

It’s possible these extradimensional cosmic beings might be the ‘new foes’ that the promotional materials mention?

Black Widow Is Blonde

Marvel Studios

Endgame’s trailer seems to imply that Black Widow’s kept her blonde bob from the last film, but we have a sneaking suspicion that not everything is as it seems in at least one scene in the teaser. 

Specifically the scene she shares with Captain America, where they discuss a vague plan to save the day. In that scene Cap’s wearing his ‘Winter Soldier suit’, an outfit he’s only worn once in the aforementioned Winter Soldier film.

Could it be that Cap’s not suddenly swapped suits because he thinks that suit’s slimming, but because that scene is taking place in the past and we’re witnessing Cap and Black Widow ‘changing the timeline’ to prevent something dreadful happening?

Marvel Studios

Potentially they’ve gone back in time to stop S.H.I.E.L.D. from collapsing, allowing the Avengers to present a more solid defence against Thanos when he starts hunting the stones on Earth.

The only snag with this theory is that Black Widow had red hair in Winter Soldier, not blonde. But let’s not forget that the Russos included a shot of Hulk fighting in the Battle of Wakanda so digitally changing Black Widow’s hair colour isn’t outside the realms of possibility.

Scott Lang Frees Himself From The Quantum Realm

Marvel Studios

The implication at the end of the teaser is definitely that somehow Scott Lang has freed himself from the Quantum Realm and he has information that will help them defeat Thanos. 

But, again that scene is taken completely out of context. We don’t know how Scott escaped, he might have freed himself, but it’s equally possible that he had help, and that his mystery benefactor has sent him to the Avengers to get back up.

And if we go down the route of alternate timelines there’s no telling that’s even ‘our’ Scott.

Who Survived ‘The Snap’

Spider_man dustedMarvel Studios

In one scene Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner seems to be perusing a list of those who died when Thanos snapped his fingers. We see Scott Lang (probably presumed dead but actually in the Quantum Realm), Black Panther’s sister Shuri and Peter Parker. 

Now the implication is that Shuri is dead because we know Peter Parker got dusted. But it’s possible that the character actually survived and they just included her in this scene as a misdirect.

After all, she’s an exceptionally popular character who didn’t get nearly enough to do in Infinity War. Could it be that the Russos are just trolling us?

Furthermore, who told them Peter was dead? Might Tony have returned by the time this scene takes place? We’ve just so many questions!

Avengers: Endgame will hit UK cinemas in the UK on April 26.

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