Floyd Mayweather ‘Throws Huge Amount Of Cash’ Around Vegas Strip Club

Guys meet Floyd MayweatherUNILAD

Floyd Mayweather, aka Money, is really living up to his name with his most recent stunt.

The popularly hailed GOAT boxing champion owns a strip club in Las Vegas and Christopher Brown, from Newcastle , UK, paid the club a visit with his friend to celebrate his 22nd birthday.

Little did he know he’d meet Mr Money himself, who ended up throwing, yeah you guess it, loads of money everywhere.

Here is the footage of all the money on the floor:

Speaking to UNILAD, Chris said:

It was just our third day in Vegas for my 22nd birthday and we decided to hit Mayweather’s strip club.

On entry one of the girls told us he had just left and he’d back back around 3:30.

To be honest we thought this must be a story they tell everyone just to stay as long as they can. But around 3 am the same girl approached me and said look to your left but don’t make it obvious. Obviously I turned my head straight away and seen Floyd sat there by himself in a full tracksuit in VIP.

After asking one of his security team we managed to meet him. Floyd was very humble and posed for a photo with me and my friend. To be honest the whole thing was surreal.

Floyd Mayweather's cap on tableUNILAD

He continued:

When we re-entered the main club after meeting him he started throwing money at the girls and making it rain. It’s like nothing I’ve experienced before and definitely a night out and birthday I will never forget.

We weren’t sat with Mayweather but we were really close. At one point he was hiding behind my friends chair throwing the money at the strippers.

We only spoke a couple of other times as the night went on. To be honest the reaction it got on Twitter we found funny. Overall it was an experience we will never forget

Tweet about Floyd Mayweather in VegasUNILAD

Chris sent the videos to his friend Jordan who wanted to go on the holiday but wasn’t 21 yet.

Jordan posted the photos to Twitter and it received over 668 retweets and 4.7k likes.

Text messages about meeting Floyd MayweatherUNILAD

Jordan told UNILAD that ‘the entourage pulled out backpacks of cash and Floyd started making it rain’.

Sounds like a pretty memorable birthday!

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