Footage Shows Groom Attempting World’s Most Dangerous Stag Do

by : Francesca Donovan on : 16 Dec 2017 18:11
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The Stag Do: a clash of titans, testosterone and tequila. A test of man mettle. A groom’s right of passage.


It’s a weekend the stag will remember for the rest of his life, alcohol consumption allowing; a unique and hopefully once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy his pre-matrimonial weekender in whatever way his compadres so choose he shall be peer pressured into.

So one company has come up with a memorable, hair-raising challenge to help guys embark on married life – and there’s not a stripper in sight. Just loads and loads of rabid dogs chasing you through barren woodlands.

The Stag Company

Stag do revellers are constantly seeking something new, unique and exciting for their big send-off before the big date, however for the adrenaline seekers, there is a new activity – which puts the bite into Hair of the Dog – to sink your teeth in to.


The Stag Company, based in Brighton, have just rolled out the most dangerous stag do activity to date, following ‘a string of customers requesting scarier stag do activities or greater pranks than the usual stag do kidnap’.

So roll up and enjoy your very own ‘Rabid Dog Chase’ while the hens enjoy some rabies-free activities of their own – because it’s not enough to just get on with getting married. You have to have the party preamble these days too.

The Stag Company

Based in Riga, you will be transported to a disused military base, where a Latvian police K9 instructor will provide you with full bite suit and helmet, before reading you through a number of health and safety instructions.

After a briefing, the dog will subsequently be released and will rein terror upon the groom, charging straight at the victim, or stag if you prefer, biting at will.


The stag will get a head start, of course, but four legs are usually better than two in this case.

It’s worth mentioning the dogs aren’t actually infected with rabies, and the stag will most likely make it to the wedding without a life-threatening virus, and if he doesn’t it’s not the dogs fault.

The Stag Company

Alex Pander, who orchestrated the activity, told UNILAD:

The bite will still hurt even in the protective clothing, but it will be the equivalent of a paintball shot, so not too bad.

You can watch a brave but slow stag give the challenge a go in the footage below:

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Tom Bourlet of The Stag Company added:

Lads are always after the latest prank for the stag to stitch him up on his big weekend away.

The ‘fake arrest’ in Eastern Europe has been one of our fastest growing activities of 2017, therefore it was unsurprising something like this would come along.

I definitely wouldn’t give it a try, but if you are after something a little more scary than your usual quad biking or escape rooms then this definitely ticks the box.

The Stag Company

However, it’s not just the stag getting involved. When you book this activity, which lasts over two hours, it’s for the stag and three others to have a go, so make sure you have some brave members in the group.

The company, although they can’t cure your hangovers or make your team cough up cash for the trip on time, can also offer an ‘extreme night in prison’, quad biking, or beer tours in Riga, if that’s more your cup of tea.

For more details, visit The Stag Company.

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