Footballer Tells Guy Where His Girlfriend ‘Definitely Wasn’t’ On Twitter

by : UNILAD on : 17 Aug 2017 14:09

A Bradford supporter who was trying to troll Fulham Football Club walked away with his tail between his legs after winger Sone Aluko revealed where the fan’s girlfriend was that morning.


30-year-old Chris Rhodes tweeted Fulham FC saying his girlfriend had been in the same gym as them that morning in Leeds, saying ‘footballers get paid to do nothing’.

Aluko then revealed the awkward fact Fulham weren’t in Leeds that morning, saying ‘you might want to ask your girlfriend about her true whereabouts this morning. Wasn’t in the gym with me. Team day off’.

As if it didn’t sting enough, Aluko finished it off with the hashtag ‘trustissues’.


The story is not as it seems though, and Chris told UNILAD:

We live in the city centre and my girlfriend goes to the Hilton gym – when she was there yesterday morning she said it was full of lazy footballers doing nothing. I put two and two together and thought since Fulham played Leeds that night it must be them.

I showed her a pic’ and she thought Sone was the man on the bike next to her – his trainer came over to him and told him what to do, he was stopping straight away and was moaning about it.

…a classic case of ‘don’t assume as it makes an ass out of u and me’.

Soon after the series of tweets, Chris received a private message on Twitter which read:

Know this is a little out of the blue, but your tweet went viral and I was laughing about it on my boys group as you do… one of the boys plays for Dover and said they were in the hotel gym this morning.

Sounds like your Mrs has mixed Dover and Fulham up. Simple misunderstanding. No need to get divorced. Chin up.

Responding to his new-found Twitter fame, Chris hopes to be invited into the Celebrity Big Brother house.


When I asked him what the moral of this story was, he said he was going to ‘start taking my girlfriend to football on a Saturday so she knows the difference between Fulham and Dover’.

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