Gary Lineker Denies Claim He Is A ‘Nonce’

by : UNILAD on : 09 Mar 2018 18:58
Gary Lineker/Instagram

‘I’m not a nonce’, Gary Lineker exclaimed on Twitter in response to an accusation from another user.


A Twitter user who goes by the name of a reindeer emoji and the handle @kaanthfc accused Gary Lineker of being a ‘crisp shagging nonce’ and so Gaz stepped in and told him to packet in (sorry).

@kaanthfc’s angry message to the former Spurs player and face of Walkers crisps was in response to him, arguably fairly, badmouthing Arsenal after their 2-0 win against AC Milan last night.

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Gary wrote on Twitter:


Arsenal are 2 up in Milan and are currently showing that the Premier League mid-table sides are stronger than the mid-table teams in Serie A.

Despite ending the tongue-in-cheek tweet with a winky face, Arsenal fans were pretty enraged and continually brought up his crisp advertising career.

The best of which was ‘F**k off you crisp shagging nonce’. Gaz hilariously did not deny being a crisp shagger.

Arsenal fans really took the bait, with some calling him a ‘dipstick’ and asking him to ‘make us a new flavoured Walkers crisp you old sod’.


At the time of writing, Lineker’s ‘I’m not a nonce’ tweet has received over 14k retweets and 86k likes.

Lineker often causes controversy on Twitter. In December the football commentator was forced to defend himself after he shared footage of Palestinian children being arrested and held in a cage by Israeli soldiers.

The former footballer slammed the footage as ‘sickening’ but was criticised by pro-Israeli groups, while other supported him.

Gary responded to the uproar by saying he was ‘not taking sides’.

He wrote on Twitter:

I stress I’m not taking sides, but locking a bunch of youngsters in a cage is wrong. I ask you in return do you think that is the right way to treat them?

I’ve tweeted vehemently against fascism, bigotry, terrorism etc but you don’t seem as interested in those tweets.

I don’t take any side other than that of the abused youngsters. There is no justification for stuffing them into a cage.

Lineker is often criticised for his left-leaning views, but also gets a lot of support for his humour, especially when he rips Piers Morgan to shreds.

Piers Morgan has been an avid Arsenal fan for many years, and often gets torn apart by the former Tottenham striker.


Once Gary wrote on Twitter:

This is getting ridiculous. Afternoon tea has arrived in the Emirates studio. No wonder you’re so large @piersmorgan.

One time Piers tried to take a swipe at Gary with this…

But then got quickly destroyed…

So yeah, Gary Lineker is not a nonce, but hasn’t denied accusations of being a crisp shagger.

At least he’s not salty about it. God this is getting cheesy.

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