Girl Accidentally DMs Boyfriend And Five Other Guys She’s Seeing


It’s a sign of digital dating and a disposable culture when the person you’re seeing adds all their other lovers to a group chat with you, but these guys really made the most of the situation.

Taggart Krueger from Utah was enjoying dating a girl, who is known only as Sara, when he was plunged into a group chat with five other guys she had been seeing.

What he didn’t realise however, was that from this strange situation, a beautiful bromance between the anguished men would grow. Seems like Sara really missed out.


Speaking to UNILAD, Taggart said:

We met at a college party, we talked for a little there but I couldn’t really understand anything she was saying. Partially because the music was loud, partially because she had a thick Russian accent.

We exchanged numbers and went out a few days later. Then we started hanging out consistently. I noticed some red flags while we were dating so I kinda knew it wasn’t that forever type of love.

One time, for instance, we were hooking up and she started choking me. Not that I’m opposed to that kind of foreplay, but she passed the point of bruising and entered the realm of genuine fear as I really thought she was going to kill me.

Anyways, maybe when I expressed my concerns she realised this wasn’t going to end in ‘forever love’ either, so she started hitting up other guys. Most likely tho, she was hitting up guys the entire time we were dating.


Explaining what happened with the group chat, Taggart said:

One day I had a notification that this girl had sent me a video DM. When I opened it, I was surprised to see five other gentlemen also in the message thread!

Immediately realising what had happened, I assumed our relationship was over and decided to make the best of the situation. I befriended these good lads and for a brief moment life was sweeter than ever, I had found five new best friends.

We tried to keep in touch over the coming months, but the distance with these men I had never actually met before proved to be too much. Slowly we drifted apart.

The story does have a happy ending however. I blocked that girl on every form of communication, and thankfully I’ve never seen her again. And more importantly, since posting that tweet, I’ve been able to rekindle the brief bromance we had many months ago.

It all sounds like a Jeremy Kyle episode…

Hilariously, they changed the name of the group chat to ‘Sara’s boys’.

Taggart posted screenshots of the conversation to Twitter with the caption ‘Never forget that a year ago today a girl I was dating accidentally DM’d me and the five other guys she was seeing at the same time’.

The tweet received 1.7k retweets and 8.7k likes, with commenters eager to know if the girl stayed in the picture or not.


Talk about making lemonade when life gives you lemons.

Five new guy friends born from a joint burn by a woman. So beautiful.

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