Girl Applies For Twenty Jobs But Makes One Fatal Mistake In Her CV


A student applied for over 20 jobs but accidentally left something on her CV which shouldn’t have been there.

20-year-old Emma Dukes is a student in Winchester and like any student, was looking for a job to get some extra cash.

While applying through the Indeed website, she unwittingly exclaimed to every single employer she sent her CV to, she’s a vegan.


Speaking to UNILAD, Emma said:

So, I was applying for a vegan cafe on Indeed and you can do an ‘about me/message’ to the employer kind of thing so mine generally says ‘I’m a student but can work full time over summer etc’ and it automatically sends it to every employer.

I added ‘oh and I’m vegan!!’ to it for the vegan cafe application and the next morning I went to apply for other jobs and all of a sudden thought ‘oh God did I change it’, so went to apply for a job as a test and the bottom still said, ‘oh and I’m vegan’!

So I have no idea how many people I sent it to but I apply for a lot of jobs every day (student life) so yeah.

Here’s the funny and enthusiastic vegan message which was only meant for that one vegan cafe:


It’s the double exclamation mark that makes it so funny. I wonder what the retail and bar managers were thinking when they saw it?

She wrote on her Twitter she’s now ‘literally the definition of ‘DID YOU KNOW I’M VEGAN’, laughing at how she accidentally ‘proved’ the stereotype of vocal vegans.

Emma continued:

I applied for the vegan cafe in the evening the day before so I can imagine I applied for a fair amount more jobs later that evening.

It’s such an easy mistake, loads of people responded to my tweet saying they’ve done similar things.


It turns out it happens to more people than you’d think, with one Twitter user saying:

I applied to one brewery and talked about how I have a love/understanding for beer, and forget to change it for the rest of my indeed applications.

Everyone else probably think I’m a alcoholic. [sic]

Another person wrote of a hilarious mistake they saw when hiring:

I had a candidate apply to my job working with youth, write that they enjoyed getting waxed, and had gotten waxed so many times at a particular facility, that they earned free waxes often.

I’m sure she once applied to said facility and forgot to change it.

In regards to the vegan stereotype of how they always bring up and talk about their clean eating habits, Emma said:

It isn’t true at all but a lot of vegans just use it as a joke now and that’s definitely what employers would think if they saw ‘I’m vegan!!’ on an application.

Emma’s Tweet received over 6k retweets and nearly 83k likes which she said ‘shocked’ her, but revealed she was very glad ‘it seems to have brought a lot of people laughs’.


The journalism student, who’s been vegan for three years, said she hasn’t received much negativity because people got the joke and enjoyed it, rather than taking her seriously.

Hilarious mistake, thanks for the laughs, Emma.