Girl Asks Tinder Date For Resume On Why She Should Date Him

Girl who was sent Tinder resumeUNILAD

During dating, wouldn’t it be great if you could cut to the chase and swap CVs? I mean, it takes the romance out of it, but how practical.

That’s exactly what 19-year-old Thi Nguyen received when she jokingly put out an advert for a husband on Tinder.

The California college student got a two-page document from a prospective Tinder date who described himself as a ‘wholesome young man looking for something serious and long-term but is willing to have a bit of fun along the way’.

Resume sent over TinderUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Thi said:

I recently made a Tinder again and decided to make it full of jokes to see if I could get more matches trying something different so like one of my pictures is me taking a mirror selfie standing on a public toilet and my bio is ‘not looking for anything serious, just a husband’ and that I’m ‘4 feet and 13 inches’.

I also have my Snapchat in my bio and I got a message on Snapchat saying ‘Hi I saw your Snap name on your Tinder profile and just wanted to say that you’re pretty cute!’

He wasn’t one of my matches so I didn’t know anything about him so I just replied thank you. Then a few hours later I get a message on Tinder saying ‘Yknow I didn’t think that we would match after I added your snap but I for one would like to apply for the husband position’.

She continued:

I get similar messages like this a lot because of my bio so I normally say the spot is open and jokingly say a resume is required and most of my matches type a quick resume in a few minutes and send it via Tinder.

So I tell him a resume is due by 11.59pm and an hour later I get a link to a Google doc with a two-page detailed and perfect resume and I told him it was the best I’ve seen and we followed each other on Instagram but haven’t made plans to meet though.

The hilarious resume listed the mystery man’s qualifications as straight A’s in ‘relationship communication’, ‘meme history’, ‘ethics of flirting’, and ‘chemistry (between people)’.

Resume sent over TinderUNILAD

It also includes a list of key skills which ranges from the ability to braid hair, listen, make SpongeBob references, and the flexibility to be either big or small spoon.

Thi tweeted the resume and it received 30 retweets and 167 likes, with commenters begging her to give him a chance.

One wrote:

Please update us on what happens. I’m invested now.

Tinder messages about resumeUNILAD

The CV also stated that he’d won a number of awards, including for ‘massage giving’, cuddling and kissing.

Despite this guy putting incredible levels of effort in for Thi, they have not been on a date yet, but she said it’s something she would definitely be open to.

Tinder messages about resumeUNILAD

We hope he gets the job!

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