Girl Creates The Entire Love Island Villa In Sims

Love Island Sims VillaUNILAD

It has been a long, hot summer for the contestants of Love Island but tonight we find out who will be crowned the winning couple.

With each episode drawing in about three million viewers, it’s been the must watch show of the year and fans will be sad to see it end.

Which is why YouTuber steph0sims has grafted hard creating her own Love Island villa on Sims 4 so the show can live on for her.

Now Georgia, that is what we call loyal!

Love Island Sims VillaUNILAD
Love Island Sims VillaUNILAD

Cracking on, Steph built the whole villa including the pool, bedroom, hideaway, bathroom, fire pit, lounge, kitchen, balcony and even the beach hut.

She really does sound like my type on paper!

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Steph explained it actually only took her around seven hours to build the entire villa which is astonishing.

Love Island Sims VillaUNILAD

She added she got the idea following the famous baby episode:

I actually made the villa for a video that I’m currently working on which will probably be something along the lines of ‘Love Island in The Sims‘.

I started watching it last year initially to hate watch because I had heard a lot of it being fake and edited. But instead I found myself really enjoying it??

It’s a lot like a YouTube video in the sense that it’s edited reality. 24 hours of the day cut down to an hour, similar to how most YouTubers film for an hour and cut it down to 10 minutes.

I actually decided that I was going to build it after the preview for the baby episode because Alex’s abandoned baby on the floor just looked like actual Sims in real life where they’ll leave the baby on the floor to go play video games and the baby is suddenly on fire.

Babes, we totally get ya!

Love Island Sims VillaUNILAD

Steph admitted though it was a struggle to accurately replicate the villa due to the restricted camera angles on the show.

She explained:

Considering the villa’s on tele every night it’s strange that they hadn’t done any Kardashian-esque house tours. I literally had to map out the house from the couple of angles we see of each room in the show.

Sims isn’t exactly an architect simulator either so some things like the pool stairs and fire pit seating were made out of kitchen counters so probably don’t place your microwaves on those pool stairs. Most of it was just copying from the show and too much free time.

If you are creating fabulous things like this villa Steph, there really is no such thing as ‘too much free time’.

While Steph’s favourite part of her Sims‘ villa is the garden, I personally like the glam room which is as messy as the Islanders’ real one!

Love Island Sims VillaUNILAD
Love Island Sims VillaUNILAD

Sharing photos of her villa on Twitter, Steph has been overwhelmed by the reaction it has got with the tweet receiving over 3,000 likes at time of writing (July 30).

Many people replied saying they were excited to download it meaning Steph decided not to recreate the Islanders in Sims form.

She explained:

I thought I’d leave it to the public since a lot of the replies were ‘CAN’T WAIT TO PUT ALL THE CONTESTANTS IN THE POOL AND DELETE THE LADDER’.

Little do the Sims noobs know that in Sims 4, Sims can just get out. You got to put a wall around the pool. But you didn’t hear that from me…

To be honest, I need to buy the Sims now so I continue to have the Love Island drama I love still in my life!

The Love Island final airs live tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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