Girl Feels Left Out From Sibling’s Graduation Pictures… Draws Her Own

girl draws own graduation picture uniladUNILAD

It can be hard being the youngest sibling; watching your brothers and sisters go off to university, partying and drinking alcohol while you are stuck at home waiting to hit the right age.

17-year-old Catherine from Vancouver finds all this particularly difficult having two elder sisters and an elder brother.

And she especially feels left out when she catches a glimpse of the display of her siblings’ graduation photos.

girl draws own graduation picture uniladUNILAD

Deciding to do something about this, Catherine decided to put up her own graduation photo which was a self-portrait sketch.

It really is brilliant:

girl draws own graduation picture uniladUNILAD

Catherine’s 20-year-old brother Roscoe was so impressed he shared a snap of the display on Reddit which went viral.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Catherine explained her decision to put up the work of art:

I set it up a few months back and I definitely didn’t ask for permission when framing it and putting it up there one day.

I was just fed up because it looked at first like a memorial service and then it looked like those were just all our parents’ children and I was the only one not up there.

I just decided to set it up and wait to see their reactions, which were quite priceless.

We love it, so I’m sure her family did too!

girl draws own graduation picture uniladUNILAD

As Roscoe told us, it even took some of the family a while to notice the photo.

He said:

My mom found it hysterical but it took my dad a week or two to even notice. And Catherine is still laughing at her own jokes.

We have got her graduation photo from school but that one still stays up because it is just too funny!

We completely understand!

Recently accepting an offer to McGill University, it won’t be too long until Catherine’s graduation photo will be standing proud next to her sketch.

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