Girl Finds Creepy Line Of Dead Wasps Spelling Out ‘Hi’

Girl who found creepy line of waspsUNILAD

People are pretty weird, in fact I know someone who keeps a small pot of dead wasps, I never asked for what purpose though.

Maybe it was so that they could leave super creepy messages spelt with them to passers-by like Glaswegian Sophie Dagleish.

The 20-year-old art student was walking through her university whens she noticed a freaky line of dead wasps, which later evolved into something darker as the days went on.

wasps spelling hiUNILAD

Talking about when she first stumbled upon the creepy wasps, Sophie said:

Basically what happened was me and my pal were walking up the stairs in our uni and we started noticing like one dead wasp on each stair and we were like wtf a trail of dead wasps.

We started saying it was like something out a horror film.

The art students were laughing about the horror-esque scene in their studio, while another colleague noticed a pile of them at the door, suggesting that there must have been a nest somewhere close by.

Sophie then explained how it got even creepier the next day:

We went up to look and he was right and there was genuinely this massive pile of dead wasps, literally about 20.

So the next day I totally forgot about it and was walking up the same stairs and spotted someone had moved them into the word ‘hi’.

I was totally freaked out but walked into my studio crying with laughter I couldn’t believe it, it was super weird, like someone actually took time out of their day to do that.

Tweet about dead waspsUNILAD

She posted about the dead wasps on Twitter, saying:

So there’s a door in my uni that had a big f**king minging pile of dead wasps at it for the past few days and I just walked by it and someone has honestly moved all the DEAD WASPS into the word ‘hi’. F**king art school man it’s too weird,

The wasps were still there a few days after Sophie posted the photo on Twitter but the creepy culprit was never found.

Sophie spoke about the reaction she had to her photo:

I never found out who did it unfortunately. Everyone has found it hilarious and proper weird but see honestly, I wouldn’t expect anything less at art school. I absolutely love it here though, it’s mental but it’s good.

Woman who found dead waspsUNILAD

Whoever it was, I’m sure they’ll be glad that their prank caused a buzz online (sorry).

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