Girl Finds Extremely Embarrassing Item In Second-Hand Bag Bought On Depop

Rosie Ives from LondonUNILAD

Second-hand dreams come true on Depop. It’s the best way to buy and sell old clothes, but naturally, sometimes, things accidentally get left in pockets.

Rosie Ives, from London, found a handbag she’d wanted for ages on Depop, so ordered it from a girl and it arrived in great condition.

When the day came to use her new bag, Rosie opened the zipper pocket to find a plastic bagg of ‘yellow pills shaped like ghosts and dice’…hmm what could that be?

Rosie's tweet about DepopUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Rosie said:

So basically I saw this bag on Depop that I’d been after for a really long time and I spoke to the girl. The weird thing is she was really lovely, polite and seemed put together.

Anyway, the bag came a few days later and I opened up the parcel. I saw the bag was in good condition – from what I could see – but didn’t actually open the bag so it was sat in my house for a good few days.

It got to the weekend and I opened the bag to fill it with my stuff and went to put my ID in the pocket and saw these little yellow pills shaped like ghosts and dice.

I had no clue what they were so tipped them all out and found a little plastic bag – then it clicked in my head. I literally couldn’t believe this lovely innocent girl had left her ecstasy in the bag.

Rosie continued:

I found it so funny and had to ask her. She told me they were in fact ecstasy and she forgot to check the bag before she sent it, she then went on to say that they were legit but really strong so if I took them to be careful.

They went straight down the loo but I don’t think the girl meant any harm. We had a good laugh about it in the end. She apologised – I didn’t want to make it worse, I’m sure she was already embarrassed enough.

In response to Rosie’s question, the seller laughed and said: ‘Yeah girl so sorry about that. They’re 100% legit if you want to take them if not put them down the loo’. [sic]

Rosie's tweet about Depop UNILAD

Rosie posted a screenshot of her conversation to Twitter captioned ‘I f*cking love depop’, and it received 12 retweets and 74 likes, at the time of writing.

Some commenters were offering to take the pills off her hands, while one labelled her a ‘grass’.

Someone on Depop came across her tweet, and wrote back saying:

Hi Rosie, thanks for highlighting this – not cool! We have taken the action of removing this account as we do not allow this on our platform.

Let us know if we can help in any other way.

In the end Depop ended up suspending the girl’s account, which seems a bit harsh since it was clearly an accident and not a case of drug dealing.

Rosie concluded:

Everyone’s reactions were really funny. I had people messaging me laughing, but then Depop eventually ended up seeing it and removed the poor girls Depop account, I felt so bad.

Check the pockets of your bags before selling them!

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