Girl Finds Weird Video Message On Phone After Guy Sneaks Into Her Room

by : UNILAD on : 16 Aug 2017 14:48
Megan Corrigan/Twitter

A teenage girl on holiday was surprised to find an unexpected video message on her phone from a random guy after he sneaked into her room.


18-year-old Megan Corrigan was in for a shock when she and her friends received a video message on her phone from an unknown male.

It appears the message was recorded while Megan and her friends were partying on the balcony of their accommodation on the Greek island of Zante.

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The four second clip shows the man advising them that they need to:


Be more careful with your stuff

Is he being creepy or is he just passing on some sage wisdom?

Megan Corrigan/Twitter

He goes on to warn that:

If I can come in here anyone can.

Despite the obvious weirdness of the situation the Scottish teen from Hamilton seems to have found a funny side to it, revealing she didn’t even know about the video until boarding the bus back to the airport.

Megan told UNILAD:

It was actually filmed on my friend Caitlin Docherty’s phone.

We first discovered the video on the way to the airport to go home and our reaction was priceless.

The boy that videoed himself was actually shouting at us to shut our doors because anyone could go in them but we never listened until we found that.


While most people would find a random video message from a stranger on your phone a cause for concern, Meg and her friends saw things differently.

She explains that:

We weren’t really freaked out… we found it hilarious.

We found it funny because of his accent and the wink at the end, it was class.

If I could meet this guy a would shake his hand and congratulate him on being a funny guy.

An important lesson was learned, however:

It’s put it into perspective how easily someone can go into your rooms without anyone noticing but i’m glad that it happened because it’s probably the highlight of coming home.

The video has since gone viral with many holidaymakers commenting how this could’ve happened to them as well.

So let this be a lesson to you, lock your hotel doors and keep all valuables out of sight, a different intruder might not be so well intentioned.

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