Girl Gets Baby Shark Lyrics Tattooed Down Her Arm

baby shark tattoo girlUNILAD

Baby Shark is the latest viral video that is taking over the internet and people can’t get enough of it.

In fact, 18-year-old Chloe Louise Roy from Lancaster is such a fan she even got the lyrics tattooed down her arm.

No seriously, she did and best of all she even admits she has absolutely no regrets about doing so.

You can check out Chloe’s tat here:

While on holiday in Ibiza last week, fuelled by alcohol Chloe stepped into a tattoo parlour and paid a grand total of €60 to have the lyrics ‘baby shark do do do do do do’ inked down her forearm.

Unfortunately for the teenager she realised there was a ‘do’ missing thanks to the tattoo artists being unfamiliar with the catchy tune and so she had to return to the shop 15 minutes later to have it added.

Being told this would cost another €60, Chloe also decided to have a cute drawing of a shark tattooed at the end.

Happy with the result, Chloe would say the €120 was money well spent although her dad at first disagreed.

baby shark tattoo girlUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, she explained how her parents had a mixed reaction to Chloe getting the lyrics permanently branded on her arm.

She told us:

I first hear the Baby Shark song on Facebook and I just couldn’t stop singing it. I find it so catchy I have even downloaded it to my phone and got the tattoo.

My friends absolutely love it and can’t get over how much of a laugh I am. So many people messaged me and said they’d love to go on holiday with me and a lot of my friends we’re just non-stop laughing at me and sharing the picture with their friends!

My dad was quite annoyed at first and told me I’m gonna regret it but now it’s made the news he’s staring to see the funny side!

My mum always though it was fun although she couldn’t believe what I had done.

Chloe added her mum is even thinking of getting a matching ‘Mummy Shark’ tattoo. Maybe all the family should get involved.

I wonder what Chloe’s dad will think about that though?

baby shark tattoo girlUNILAD

Proud of her Baby Shark tattoo, Chloe has said she is going to show it off rather than cover it up.

Adding she has ‘not one regret’ about getting it, Chloe is fully embracing the newfound fame the tattoo has given her and isn’t letting the haters get her down.

She added:

I love my tattoo it shows I can have a joke with my friend and it’s also a funny memory to look back on from Ibiza! I’ve never enjoyed myself so much on that holiday so I don’t have one regret.

I honestly never expected it go this viral! I expected a couple shares from my mates but I’m shook how viral it’s gone!

Just a shame there’s some nasty comments floating about, about my tattoo and my appearance! But I’m not letting them get to me. I had a laugh and my friends had a laugh that’s all that matters to me.

Good for you Chloe. It is your body, you can do what you want to it.

baby shark tattoo girlUNILAD

If you have been hiding under a rock the past few weeks, you may have missed out on the classic Baby Shark video which has now reached a whopping 1.6 billion views on YouTube.

Created by Korean children’s brand Pinkfong, the video features two young children singing along and dancing to a song about about sharks.

If you haven’t watched it yet though, be warned you won’t be able to get of your head for weeks…

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