Girl Gets Her Dad T-Shirt With Matching Police Mugshots On For Father’s Day

lindsey hardman dad matching mugshotUNILAD

A girl bought her dad a t-shirt with their mugshots printed on it as a Father’s Day present.

19-year-old Lindsey Hardman from Forney, Texas, wanted to give her dad an original gift for this year’s Father’s Day, something he would treasure.

Remembering they both had mugshots after getting in trouble with the law, Lindsey decided to have the photos printed on two t-shirts alongside the caption ‘like father, like daughter’.

Keeping one for herself and giving the other to her dad, he couldn’t stop laughing when he saw it:

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Lindsey said she was delighted by her dad’s reaction to the t-shirt.

She added:

My dad has always been my best friend and I love spending time with him.

I was trying to think of something unique so I thought about giving him a shirt or cup or at least something with my mug shot on and then remembered he had one too.

I thought it would be funny to have them together and that’s when I came up with the caption.

He smiled real big, just started laughing and then we all just started laughing.

It was certainly worth Lindsey’s effort then of getting her uncle, who is a police officer, to do a background check on her dad to get his mugshot from the archives.

lindsey hardman dad matching mugshotUNILAD

As Lindsey explained to UNILAD, both her and her dad had mugshots taken after getting into fights.

So the caption ‘like father, like daughter’ certainly hit the nail on the head!

She added:

When I was younger and would get in trouble, my grandma would always bring up my dad’s past and remind him that he was not always perfect.

One night he and his friends went out to a bar and these guys started a fight. My dad ended up fighting one of them. That is how my dad got his mugshot.

I got into a fight with this other girl for talking bad about my group of friends. I got given a month of not being able to do anything school related so I couldn’t attend my homecoming.

There was an after-party and since I couldn’t go to homecoming, I started drinking alcohol before the party.

Well the cops showed up at the party and everyone ran. I got caught and arrested.

lindsey hardman dad matching mugshotUNILAD

Luckily for Lindsey, her dad bailed her out after she was kept at the police station for 24 hours being arrested for public intoxication.

Ultimately, we’re all human and have some indiscretions in our past, but it’s great to see Lindsey and her dad have moved past those days, but can still acknowledge them with humour and good grace!

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