Girl Gets Messaged By Stranger, Conversation Takes A Weird Turn

 Megan Lawrie from Peterhead, ScotlandUNILAD

A teenager received the strangest messages on Twitter as a random man replied to one of her tweets about football.

19-year-old Megan Lawrie from Peterhead, Scotland, put out a tweet calling the Rangers’ goalkeeper ‘a sh*gger’ for her friends to laugh at.

To Megan’s surprise though, a guy who didn’t follow her picked up on the tweet and sent her a message asking why she called Allan McGregor ‘a sh*gger’.

 Megan Lawrie from Peterhead, ScotlandUNILAD

Deciding to go with it, Megan responded. She messaged back saying:

because he sh*gs 10 birds in one night.

What she didn’t expect was for the man to reply:

Never OMG! I used to live in Ayrshire town in Dalry. I’m a bluenose. Used to be in a band. I live in England now.

I never know that about McGregor. Such is life. Lol!

Continuing to enjoy the bizarre conversation, Megan replied again writing:

he dives to the left, he dives to the right, Allan McGregor sh*gs 10 birds in one night [sic]

What a chant!

girl megan strange conversation twitter tigerUNILAD

However, things then took a weird turn as the man messaged her again writing:

brilliant, wish I could sh*g I Megan lol [sic]

He then shared a topless photo of himself next to a large soft toy tiger.

Feeling the need to clarify which one was him, the man confirmed ‘that’s me on the rite’ [sic] which left Megan laughing.

 Megan Lawrie from Peterhead, messagesUNILAD

The man then added:

R u still up in glesga Megan I’m in Milton Keynes [sic]

Ha ha ur so funny Megan like ur humour tho

How u think stevie g will do this season [sic]

It was at this point Megan decide not to reply any more and shared screenshots of the conversation on Twitter writing:

this took a turn for the worse.

Seeing the tweet, the man then blocked Megan.

girl megan strange conversation twitter tigerUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD about the messages, Megan revealed she didn’t know how to respond or whether to reply at first.

She explained:

I was in disbelief when I first read the message, I didn’t know if he was being serious or if he was pulling my leg. I soon realised it was serious.

First thing I did was send it into my group chat full of fellow Rangers fans. They found it hilarious and it had me laughing for a good while after. It’s just hilarious. He’s a complete stranger!

It’s the first time something like this has happened to me and when he stated that it was him on the right, I couldn’t stop laughing!

It also made others giggle as over 3,800 people have liked Megan’s tweet, at the time of writing, with many quoting ‘that’s me on the rite’ in the replies.

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