Girl Gets Nasty Surprise After Seeing What’s On Back Of New Underwear

primark underwear surprise bride tribe ellie cook uniladUNILAD

We’ve all been there; either ordered something online or picked something up from a shop in a rush, realising it wasn’t what we exactly expected on closer inspection.

At times it can be quite embarrassing, sometimes hilarious, as 18-year-old Ellie Cook from Leeds found out when she returned home from a recent Primark trip.

Visiting her local store to pick up some underwear, when Ellie got home she realised there was something on the back of the knickers she had purchased she didn’t notice before.

primark underwear surprise bride tribe ellie cook uniladUNILAD

Like all the departments in Primark, the underwear section can sometimes look like a car boot sale with the items scattered about as shoppers go wild looking for a bargain.

So Ellie could be forgiven for going home with a pair of knickers which had the motto ‘bride tribe’ written on the back.

She told UNILAD:

They were just white and lacy so I picked them up in a rush not expecting the bridal underwear to be mixed in with the normal ones!

The man at the counter said to me ‘congratulations, I hope it goes well’ and I was like ‘yeah okay thanks’ with a very confused look just thinking he was being weird.

I bought some shoes as well so I think I assumed he was talking about me being able to walk in the shoes!

When I got home and realised I just laughed thinking ‘typical me’.

Don’t worry, Ellie, we’ve all had these moments. Often too many of them!

primark underwear surprise bride tribe ellie cook uniladUNILAD

When Ellie told her friends about her experience one of her mates in particular found it amusing because she’d seen the ‘bride tribe’ motif but thought it would be funnier if she didn’t say anything!

This gave Ellie the idea to keep the knickers for a perfect prop to play a prank on her boyfriend.

She added:

I kept them as a joke to wear in front of my boyfriend to see his reaction.

He just looked at me and said ‘do you have something to tell me’!

That was cruel, Ellie. But also fantastic!

primark underwear surprise bride tribe ellie cook uniladUNILAD

Tweeting about her trip to Primark, Ellie told her followers about the hilarious mistake writing:

So I bought some underwear from Primark today and as I was paying the man goes ‘congratulations hope it all goes well’ and I was like yeah ok thanks thinking he was just weird.

When I got home I realised my underwear says ‘BRIDE TRIBE’ on the back!

primark underwear surprise bride tribe ellie cook uniladUNILAD

Ellie wasn’t the only one who had made the mistake as her friend Meg replied to the tweet writing: ‘I’ve done this, mine said bridezilla’.

As Ellie points out ‘as if you’d ever get married and the first thing on your list would be to go to Primark and get some bridezilla underwear’.

They certainly fly off the shelves – even if people are buying them by accident!

Now I’m panicking about my Primark underwear at home. Better double check them tonight!

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