Girl Gets Sent Bizarre Photo On Train From ‘Dan’s iPhone’

Girl Gets Sent Bizarre Photo On Train From Dans iPhone Airdrop faceUNILAD

This girl’s train journey was painfully ordinary and boring, until she received the creepiest and most hilarious message from a stranger.

Apple’s beautiful airdrop feature allows you to send things to any other Apple user in the vicinity, which opens itself up to creating some weird situations.

A public transport jester, only known as Dan, decided to send Sydney, from Birmingham, the famous ‘Hi stranger’ video by artist, Kirsten Lepore.

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Speaking to UNILAD, Sydney said:

Well I was on the train back from Bournemouth – where I was seeing a friend – going back to Birmingham, and I was sat on the train for about 2 hours when I got that AirDrop come through.

I literally was trying not to burst out laughing in front of this whole first class carriage which was full of businessmen.

Then I looked up from my phone and saw a guy, probably in his 20s, sat there giggling to himself and I just knew it had to be him.

I went to AirDrop him memes back but he’d turned his AirDrop off and I was gutted, but then when I walked off the train I saw him smile at me and I just thought it’s definitely you.

Girl Gets Sent Bizarre Photo On Train From Dans iPhone unnamed 11 1UNILAD

Sydney posted a screenshot of the Airdrop to Twitter, captioned:


Speaking about the reaction it got, she continued:

I expected it to get like two likes but it got a few more so I was surprised haha, also I didn’t expect anyone to care and people actually replied.

I think it’s because it’s not something that usually happens in people’s everyday lives and it’s so unexpected, especially on a train.

Here’s the fantastically creepy, yet self-affirming video:

Hi Stranger

I have no words. Just watch and Kirsten Lepore

Posted by UNILAD on Thursday, 23 March 2017

Hi Stranger – a stop motion cartoon – was created last year by Kirsten Lepore, and it includes a softly-spoken naked man speaking self-affirming words.

The video went viral and the creator said her aim was to ‘create a little character who has pillow talk directly with the viewer’.

Lepore told Inverse:

I mean, creepy is fine. That wasn’t my intention, but I get it. I was definitely going for uncomfortable, especially inciting uncomfortable laughter.

I wanted people to go, ‘What the heck is this guy?’ during the first half and then have their emotions shift in the second half. It becomes intimate, which I know can be unsettling for people at first.

In response to the video, Sydney wanted to respond with a Toy Story meme saying: ‘What the heck’.

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As a message to the mystery guy, Sydney said:

Thank you for brightening my day and making me laugh ahah, and please follow me on twitter or Instagram so that I can send memes back to you!

I hope I have a Dan on my next train journey to brighten my day with memes!

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