Girl Gets Super Creepy ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Message On Instagram

Emily received a message from a random stranger online asking if she would like to get into financial dominationUNILAD

The sad reality of being a girl on social media is creepy messages from guys becoming a painfully common occurrence. My ‘other’ inbox on Facebook is brimming with random men who think they have the prerogative to call me baby, and even worse, that it might entice me into dating them.

For 19-year-old student Emily Mather, one creepy Instagram user took this random messaging to a new level, asking if he could introduce her to the ‘weird but wonderful world of financial domination’.

The creepy message from openwallet2018 read:

May I ask if you have ever contemplated or indeed partaken in any activities regarding financial domination? If you have partaken in financial domination before would you be willing to take on a new submissive?

If you have contemplated it could I possibly be your first? And if you’ve never heard of such a thing would you allow me to introduce you to the weird but wonderful world of financial domination?

screenshot of openwallet2018's messageUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Emily said:

I just received the message on Instagram as a dm from someone I don’t know and or follow and the account doesn’t follow me they just sent me that message regarding ‘financial domination’ and their bio is ‘my wallet is ready to be rinsed’.

I sent a reply like what does this even mean and they haven’t got back to me yet.

Just like what the hell I’ve got a couple of weird messages in my time but nothing like that, I’ve never heard of financial domination and when I got an ‘invitation into the world of financial domination’ it was a bit like do people actually do this stuff.

He just wants to like pay for everything I do. And offers to pay if you go on a date with someone else and everything. It’s so weird.


Emily posted the message to Twitter captioned:

‘A new submissive’ this is some fifty shades stuff I am NOT down

The general consensus on her tweet was that she should take up the guy’s offer and go on a spending spree. As a poor uni student, it doesn’t sound like such a bad thing to be fair.

Hilariously, the guy’s bio simply read ‘Slave. My wallet is always ready to be rinsed’.

openwallet2018's instagram profileUNILAD

This isn’t the first of Emily’s weird messages, and I’m sure it won’t be the last, she explained:

The other day a girl offered me £2,500 for a picture of my boobs to give to her boyfriend because they had an open relationship and it’d made him happy.

Another time, a lad sent me some drinks via the Wetherspoon’s app and then offered me an Amazon gift card.

Emily received a message from a random stranger online asking if she would like to get into financial dominationUNILAD

Though it’s a tempting offer in current economic climates to financially dominate someone, I’m not sure the creepy levels that come along with it are worth it.

Note to guys: Never has a girl thought ‘oh wow I’d really like to date this person, please take my number’ after receiving a message saying ‘hey baby’.

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