Girl Gives Couple A Birthday Cake With Their Son’s Name Spelt Horribly Wrong

Haileigh Di PietroUNILAD

With some names admittedly quite difficult to spell, if your job involves getting them right, then it should be your number one priority.

Which is exactly what 17-year-old Haileigh Di Pietro from Arizona does for her job at Cold Stone Creamery – icing names onto cakes.

Having worked there for about 10 months, Haileigh knows to double check with customers how names are spelt. but with one couple, she got very, very confused.

Haileigh Di Pietro, ArizonaUNILAD

Wanting a personalised birthday cake for their son Stephen, the couple emphasised his name was spelt with a ‘ph’.

However, poor old Haileigh got the wrong end of the stick and so iced, onto the delicious looking cake:

Happy Birthday Phteven

Yep, I have no idea how she came up with that one either!

Haileigh Di Pietro's icing cakeUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Haileigh explained it was an honest mistake, which the couple didn’t even notice.

She said:

I honestly did it with no intentions of messing up and still think that’s what the family meant when they said his name was Steven with a ‘ph’…

At first, my friends didn’t understand it. I’m like ‘you all say Haileigh is difficult because it has ‘g’ in it, imagine being Steven with a ‘ph’, and then they got it, and started laughing until my friend Junior told me he thinks they meant ‘Stephen…’

The couple didn’t react though because we were super busy. I had also put it in a bag and just given it to them.

Thankfully for Haileigh, they didn’t bring it back and they never called to complain – although she was honest about the mistake with her colleagues who ‘just laughed about it’.

cake spelling wrong son birthday uniladUNILAD

She sent a photo of the cake to her sister Mikaillah on Snapchat, writing: ‘okay, I don’t wanna hear sh*t about the way my name is spelt any more’.

Haileigh was just joking about someone else’s name being spelt in what she thought was a strange way.

However, Mikaillah realised her sister’s mistake and decided to publicly embarrass her by sharing the photo on Twitter.

She wrote:

My sister works at Cold Stone and today a couple walked in and asked her to make a cake for their son’s birthday and told her ‘his name is Steven-with a ‘ph’’ and this is what she gave them. I’m literally bawling she didn’t understand!

cake spelling wrong son birthday uniladUNILAD

19-year-old Mikaillah told UNILAD she couldn’t stop laughing at Haileigh’s error:

When I opened the picture I was hysterically laughing.

I talked to her on the phone and explained and she was genuinely embarrassed, laughing at the mistake she made once she was aware of it.

My sister is quite the character. She has always been the joker in our family and never fails to bring light and laughter into every situation.

I don’t think Haileigh will spell ‘Stephen’ wrong ever again! Although be careful if they say it’s Stephen spelt with a ‘v’! We don’t want to see a ‘Vteven’.

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