Girl Sends Amazing Response To Guy Who Asks For Nudes

by : UNILAD on : 02 Jun 2018 09:37
Rhiannon Simpson text messagesRhiannon Simpson text messagesUNILAD

This is definitely the best reaction to nude requests I’ve seen. 


Student Rhiannon Simpson, from Wigan, came up with an original and harmless way to respond to a random guy who asked her for photos of her body on Instagram.

Having tried to decline the inbox advances politely, making clear she had a boyfriend and wasn’t interested, the guy went on to ask her what bra size she was, so she decided to mess with him and send him an ‘error message not received’ text.

Girl Has Amazing Response To Guy Who Asks For NudesGirl Has Amazing Response To Guy Who Asks For NudesUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Rhiannon said:


This man on my Instagram kept messaging me and started off by saying I have a nice body and he’d like to see more and I declined and then he asked if I’d do it if he paid me and I declined again, which is when he started asking the bra question and it started to annoy me so I gave the response which has now gone viral.

After he realised I’d published it online he started to claim he’d got a lawyer and was going to send me to court for slander and then within a sheer ten minutes he’d told me he’d obtained a restraining order against me and all my followers, so it was clearly fake.

I have now blocked him.

The joke went exactly as planned and the guy kept responding to the error message with the same, ‘What bra size are you btw?’ text, over and over again. It’s funnier every time.

After a total of nine error messages, including ‘message failed’ and ‘message not received please try again later’, the guy wasn’t giving up, and Rhiannon had to tell Twitter about the guy’s unfaltering desire to know her cup size.

Rhiannon Simpson textsRhiannon Simpson textsUNILAD

Rhiannon posted the screenshots of the conversation to Twitter captioned: ‘Damn, some of y’all lads are so dumb’. [sic]

The tweet received over 1.6k retweets and 6.3k likes, at the time of writing, with many commenters saying they’re going to employ her technique to get the last laugh.

One Twitter user wrote:


Omg just tell the poor guy a number an a letter 57J, 45Z lmao give him something to imagine, totally doing this next time tho. [sic]

Rhiannon Simpson instagram messagesRhiannon Simpson instagram messagesUNILAD

Speaking about the reaction of her followers, as well as her boyfriend, Rhiannon said:

I knew it wasn’t real anyway and I didn’t it expect it to get this big!

Ive had a lot of people slating me for saying “y’all” but at the end of the day it’s my Twitter and I can say what I want, how I want.

I’ve had much more positive reactions than negative though. My boyfriend just laughed and couldn’t believe it got this big.

Ive had people message me like this before so he’s used to it, we just laugh about it.

Girl Has Amazing Response To Guy Who Asks For NudesGirl Has Amazing Response To Guy Who Asks For NudesUNILAD

Another user wrote:

Guys are so dumb, it was obvious she typed the message because a computer wouldn’t spell Received wrong over and over again. I before e except after c. You’re welcome.

Girl Has Amazing Response To Guy Who Asks For NudesGirl Has Amazing Response To Guy Who Asks For NudesUNILAD

After seeing his conversation had been posted to Twitter, the guy messaged again, saying it was ‘definitely slander’ & he planned on getting his lawyer and the police involved.

I’m not sure what is slanderous about posting a conversation that happened to Twitter, but within ten minutes of receiving that message, Rhiannon was told he had a restraining order against her.

Thanks for the tip Rhiannon. I will be using this in the future.


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