Girl Has Birthday Party For Her Dog, Invites All His Friends

Nico the German Shepherd Birthday PartyUNILAD

A family threw an impressive birthday party for their dog which included party bags, cake and even a slip and a slide!

When 16-year-old Niamh Beaton’s family, from Erskine, Scotland, decided to throw their beloved German Shepherd, Nico, a party to celebrate his first ever birthday, they thought why not go all out?

And so they did, hosting a celebration for Nico at Pawzinga Doggy Daycare, inviting all of his friends to join in the fun on June 17.

The pictures, as you would expect, are adorable:

Nico's Dog Birthday PartyUNILAD
Nico's dog birthday partyUNILAD
Nico's dog birthday partyUNILAD

Having had Nico – who’s a big supporter of Celtic Football Club – since he was only 12-weeks-old, he’s the Beaton family’s baby, and so they wanted to make sure his first birthday was one to remember.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Niamh said:

It was my maw’s idea as it was his first birthday so it was exciting. [sic] She works at the dog daycare, the biggest one in Renfrewshire, and so we had it there where there is plenty of space for all his friends.

They brought him big bones and toys as presents. We got him a paddling pool!

There was a slip and slide, paddling pools, birthday cake and all his friends got given a party bag full of treats as well as their own hat.

It was quality! The outside area is great for dogs. We would obviously want to throw one again, and Nico’s favourite part was obviously the cake. Delicious bacon, chicken and ham!

Looking at the photos, it appears Nico couldn’t get enough of the cake! CUTE:

nico dog birthday partyUNILAD

Unable to get over just how adorable the photos from Nico’s birthday were, Niamh decided to share them on her Twitter.

She wrote:

My bhoy had a party at school today all his friends got a party bag each and cake. My heart! [sic]

Receiving over 2,600 likes at time of writing, it appears the internet are also fans of Nico, his friends, and the party!

nico dog birthday partyUNILAD

Among the replies, which were predominantly just people squealing about how sweet the photos are, a user known as Kirsty asked if her boy could get an invite to the next party.

To be fair to Kirsty, he did look ready for it, complete with a party hat:

nico dog birthday partyUNILAD

Of course, Niamh was more than happy to oblige. So can we get an invite too please?

Happy belated birthday Nico!

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