Girl Has ‘No Regrets’ Over Hilarious Drunken Tattoo In Magaluf

by : UNILAD on : 28 Jun 2018 12:21
chicken breath tattoo shannon bryantchicken breath tattoo shannon bryantUNILAD

A girl has no regrets about a hilarious tattoo she got on her leg while on holiday in Magaluf.

18-year-old Shannon Bryant from the Forest of Dean went on a holiday with friends earlier this month to popular party destination Magaluf.


One night after having quite a few drinks, Shannon visited a tattoo parlour and paid €40 to have ‘p*ss off chicken breath’ inked along her leg in lovely clear black font.

chicken breath tattoo shannon bryantchicken breath tattoo shannon bryantUNILAD

Shannon though has no regrets about the tattoo as ‘p*ss off chicken breath’ is her favourite saying and one she even came up with herself.

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, she explained:


So I randomly made up the saying myself and thought, that’s actually really funny.

I was at the airport and I said ‘p*ss off chicken breath’ and I made myself laugh loads because I think it’s a really funny saying.

I kept saying it to the girls on holiday and to shopkeepers and it made me laugh as much as just the saying.

And so drunk one night, or as she says ‘steaming’, Shannon said to her friends she would get the saying as a tattoo, and so she did.

Although she doesn’t exactly remember at which parlour she had it done…

You can watch a video of Shannon getting the tattoo here:


Proud of her tattoo, Shannon added she isn’t going to cover it up, instead embracing it as ‘just funny’.

In fact she concluded ‘anyone who doesn’t like it can ‘p*ss off chicken breath’.

Luckily for Shannon her parents and friends didn’t disapprove also finding it amusing as ‘they know what she’s like’.


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