Girl Has Perfect Response When Boyfriend Suggests ‘Anal’ As Cure For Hayfever

by : UNILAD on : 29 Jun 2018 09:28
Girl who received NSFW text from boyfriendGirl who received NSFW text from boyfriendUNILAD

It’s hayfever season and for those cursed with the allergy, the outdoor sun can be a snotty, eye-watering battle against the pollen.

Luckily Lois White, from Kirkcaldy, had a caring boyfriend who researched into the best cures to help her after she had to call in sick due to her extreme hayfever reaction.

The 20-year-old server had been home all day trying to find the best remedy when she got a message from her boyfriend saying he’d found the ‘best thing to solve’ the problem.

Girl who received NSFW text from boyfriendGirl who received NSFW text from boyfriendUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Lois said:

So it’s all I’ve been moaning about since the weather’s been nice, like my hayfever is dreadful. I can’t do my make up because it just runs off my face.

I get so angry and agitated and as much as he thinks it’s a shame he thinks it’s hilarious how raging I get. So I’d woke up that morning dying, eyes swollen, throat closed, and had to call into work sick.

I told him I’d called in and he was like so sympathetic saying he wished he could have hayfever instead of me. She went off to work and asked me throughout the day how I was if I was getting better whilst I posted on Facebook asking for any advice if anyone knew any remedies. I literally spent all day on my phone researching what claims to be the best solution.

I called him on for a catch up and told him about all of the stuff I’d found and he was like ‘nice one give them all a try I’ll keep looking too and let you know if I find anything you’ve not seen already’.


She continued:

So he was super cute and supportive about it and seemed to be taking it seriously. We go off topic and talk about something else for a while then I went for a bath. I get out the bath and look at my phone on the side to see a message pop up from him saying ‘oh by the way done some research about your hayfever and apparently the’… and that’s all I could see of the message.

I’m like ‘yes what’s he got for me that I haven’t found already, I’m willing to try anything if it’s gonna help’. I’m drying myself off thinking to myself like what a wonderful boyfriend I have, he is so caring and cute like what other boy would sit and do their own research on hayfever knowing you’ve spent all day doing it yourself anyways, he must really care about me.

I then open the text to the word ‘anal’.

Text messages about anal as cure for hayfeverText messages about anal as cure for hayfeverUNILAD

Lois said ‘anal’ is Adam’s solution to everything, so when he suggested the ‘remedy’ for her hayfever she told him to ‘f**k off’ and they both laughed about it for a while.


Now that the conversation is all over the Internet, Lois said she is waiting for her ‘mum and dad to see it’ and change their opinions of Adam.

I mean, as a parent that’s just not what you want to see. Hopefully they get the joke.

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