Girl Loses Phone, Guys Keep It For Whole Weekend And Record Adventure

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Losing your phone can be a nightmare, but one girl didn’t mind it so much when she discovered the guys who found it had left a hilarious vlog for her to watch.

Only two hours into the first night of the Life music festival in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, 20-year-old Kelly Rennick lost her phone while walking back to her tent.

Having had a bit to drink, Kelly didn’t fully realise she had even lost it until the next day. Strangely it also didn’t turn up until Sunday.

girl loses phone missing lads adventure uniladUNILAD

Speaking exclusively to UNILAD, Kelly explained:

Honestly I was quite drunk when I realised it wasn’t back at the tent with me and I found it kinda funny!

I ran round my friends not panicked at all taking the p*** out of myself for losing it. The phone itself already had a smashed screen so I just accepted my loss and didn’t do much about it.

The next morning when I woke up and realised I’d lost my phone I was upset and annoyed at myself for not trying to find it that night!

girl loses phone missing lads adventure uniladUNILAD

She continued:

I ran straight to the lost and found tent that Saturday morning but no luck! I checked a few more times that day and night and Sunday during the day too. I got more upset as the weekend went on about it being gone.

Finally when the acts ended on Sunday night I checked one more time and it was there. I actually couldn’t believe it!! Didn’t make sense really how it turned up two days later!

Unfortunately for Kelly she was unable to charge her phone until Monday evening but when she did there was a fantastic surprise waiting for her.

Seeing there was a series of videos, Kelly immediately watched them, discovering the guys who found her phone had recorded their weekend’s adventure on it.

You can watch the footage here:

Introducing himself in the first video, one of the lads said:

Hello you. I found your phone but don’t worry, I’m not going to steal it.

It’s in safe hands, I’m not that kind of guy. But I am going to take you on an adventure at this festival. So stay tuned, guys.

Although what the guy said wasn’t exactly reassuring, he and his mates did indeed vlog their weekend which involved raving, smoking and going to a funfair.

Looking at the videos it is clear they had a wild weekend!

girl loses phone missing lads adventure uniladUNILAD

When Kelly watched the footage she couldn’t stop laughing. She told UNILAD:

When I charged my phone I saw there were lots of short videos that I knew weren’t done by me because I had lost my phone and took none.

I found it hilarious! I wanted to show all my friends what my phone had got up to so I put them all together. My friends couldn’t get over it. It also made sense why the phone turned up at the end of the festival too!

Kelly also decided to share the video on Twitter,which naturally went viral, receiving over 220,000 views so far.

girl loses phone missing lads adventure uniladUNILAD

As Kelly’s tweet went viral the lads from the video found it and got into contact.

They now follow each other on social media and even chat everyday:

They are actually love boys – obviously since they returned the phone rather than keep it!

We have great chats. They were so happy I got it back too as they weren’t actually sure that I would.

We’re all getting great banter out of it to be honest.

And we are enjoying the banter, Kelly!

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