Girl Makes Disgusting Discovery Inside Jar Of Thai Paste

Yamini Kamal

When you’re buying your groceries from a major supermarket chain you always expect there to a semblance of quality, it’s the least you can ask for, right? What you don’t expect is to find maggots crawling inside of it.

Unfortunately for 25-year-old Yamini, that is what she found she when opened up her jar of Thai red paste, which she bought from Sainsbury’s.

The student, who lives in London, was hoping to cook up some Thai curry noodles for her niece and nephew. However that plan was nixed when she spotted the creepy crawlies dwelling in the jar.


Currently studying for her Masters, she claimed that before she saw the maggots she remembered ‘feeling uneasy’.

After consuming some of the paste, she immediately began vomiting.

She told UNILAD:

While placing the Thai paste back into the shelf I noticed I had not shut the lid so I opened it in order to shut it.

That is when I noticed something white, I got a spoon and scooped it out and it was a maggot.

The next thing I knew was I was throwing up

Understandably the ordeal has left her feeling a quite traumatised.


Upon seeing the maggots she told us that:

I could not believe my eyes, and since I suffer from anxiety I could feel my blood pressure going low.

As a result I became very breathless and started sweating.

Since then, Sainsbury’s has offered a personal apology to her and offered up a £10 gift voucher as recompense. However she rejected it as she did not want her health to ‘be compromised for £10’.


Yamini continued:

[Sainsbury’s] asked me to send the product back to the store which I did and they mentioned that they will test the sample, or the maggot to see if it did make me sick.

At the store the customer service lady panicked when I reported this incident and she forced me to take the gift card and assured me she will look into it personally.


She also said:

As an international student it has baffled me to an extent that I will never step into that store again. It made me so sick that I was bed ridden for two days.

Thai food has always been my favorite, now even if I get a whiff of it I feel like wanting to throw up.

I am glad I did not feed that filth to my family or else I would have been extremely disturbed and depressed. I really hope corporations stop taking their customers for granted. A shame indeed.

Yeah, that’s put me off my lunch too.