Girl Passes Out Three Minutes Into First Tattoo, Results Are Hilarious

Girl who fainted after a tattooUNILAD

It’s never good news when you only last three minutes.

I suppose it’s worse in some situations than others, but during your first tattoo isn’t ideal.

25-year-old Canuck, Kloe Gagnon, was excited to get a very spontaneous first tattoo, but soon after the needle touched her skin, she passed out, and before she knew it was being loaded into the back of an ambulance.

Girl in ambulance after fainting from tattooUNILAD

Explaining the build up to getting the tattoo, Kloe said:

This is my first tattoo. It was a spontaneous tattoo I had decided to do in the morning as she was doing a ‘flash sale’ that day.

I messaged her and three hours later I was sitting there with the stencil on my leg.

I loved it and was very excited and then as soon as I saw the needle, I felt dizzy so I tried to focus on something else but my body was like ‘nope’.

Kloe passed out from the sight of the needle, and when she woke up, the tattoo artist was by the window having a panic attack with an ambulance en route.

I’m surprised the artist wasn’t more used to people passing out, aichmophobia is pretty common.

Kloe wasn’t too fazed by the fainting, as she had already warned the tattooist that she had fainted before.

Girl after fainting from tattooUNILAD

Kloe spoke about her journey to the hospital, and laughed the whole experience off:

I know how fainting goes, I’ve passed out numerous times in my life. I had actually warned her hat it might happen, I just get very weak around needles and pain I suppose.

Although the tattoo wasn’t painful in itself, I suppose the shock took my body by surprise.

Anyway, once arrived at the hospital I was 10/10 fine, I didn’t wanna see a doctor, all I wanted to do is go home and rest and try again tomorrow.

Part of the tattoo that was leftUNILAD

Some people say tattoos should be meaningful, and now Kloe has been left with a lovely reminder of her hilarious first go.

All she has on her leg are the lines the tattooist could do in those first three minutes.

Kloe told us about how she’s struggled to find someone to tattoo her after the incident:

I messaged the tat artist and she said she didn’t feel comfortable tattooing me any longer.

So I’m currently stuck with a few lines on my leg and nobody at that parlour wants to touch me any longer.

I do have a consultation with another parlour next week. Hope it I last more than three minutes this time.

Part of the tattoo that was leftUNILAD

The tattoo was supposed to be of some fern leaves on her left thigh.

One Reddit user had a great idea for making the most of the tattoo, saying:

You just gotta give it a deep meaning, like ‘you should never take anything for granted’ and just go with it.

This is what is was supposed to look like…

girl fainted tattoo UNILADUNILAD

Lots of other commenters empathised with her reaction to needles.

At least she can laugh at it.

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