Girl Photoshops Ex-Boyfriend Out Of Wedding Pictures

emma fawkner wedding photos greg jamesUNILAD

Everyone has photographs of themselves with their exes they either try and forget about or in some cases even destroy.

You can’t exactly do this though if the pics are your sister’s wedding pictures which is exactly what left Emma Fawkner in a bit of a pickle.

When the official wedding photos arrived and 26-year-old Emma from Derbyshire saw them uploaded to Facebook, she decided something had to be done about the awkward fact her ex-boyfriend was standing next to her.

emma fawkner wedding photos greg jamesUNILAD

Making a joke that she should photoshop the face of her celebrity crush, BBC Radio 1 presenter Greg James, over her ex-boyfriend, Emma was pretty surprised when her mum actually did this!

She told UNILAD:

It’s a running joke in my family that my biggest celebrity crush is Greg James, they even get me a Greg James related present every year for Christmas.

It’s very rare that all my family are together at once so the picture is very special but like everybody else no one wants to see their ex in old photos, especially if it’s going up on my nana’s wall!

So I made a sarcastic comment saying ‘Can we photoshop his face to Greg James instead?’ Four hours later my mum sent me the new version. All my friends thought it was hilarious!

Emma really does have the best mum ever!

emma fawkner wedding photos greg jamesUNILAD

Thanks to the reaction of her friends Emma was encouraged to post the photo on Twitter even tagging Greg James in the picture!

She wrote:

When your sister’s official wedding photos come back but your ex is in them so you have to photoshop Greg James’ face on it instead. Dying!

Thanks for coming hun!

Naturally the tweet went viral receiving, at time of writing (May 14), over 2,400 likes.

emma fawkner wedding photos greg jamesUNILAD

Even Greg James himself got involved in the fun replying to Emma’s tweet with:

Had such a lovely time. Great memories. #blessed

He then shared the photo making a joke about the fact he appears to have no neck thanks to the photoshop job adding:

And what a perfect day it was.

I must remember to get those trousers altered. As well as my neck.

Of course this left Emma ecstatic as she couldn’t quite get over the reaction her tweet got, especially from her crush, Greg.

She explained to UNILAD:

I couldn’t quite believe it at first. Greg replied and I didn’t actually think he would post it himself! It was just a family joke!

Since I was on holiday my phone was off at the time, it was my friend who actually showed me he had posted it. When I turned my phone on it just wouldn’t stop buzzing! I had to turn it off in the end.

Even people I hardly talk to anymore were messaging me saying they had seen it and how funny it was!

My sister couldn’t quite believe her wedding photo was all over the internet, she thought it was hilarious.

It really is brilliant!

emma fawkner photoshop uniladUNILAD

Although Emma won’t be photoshopping Greg’s face onto any other photos herself, she does have other plans:

I don’t think I’ll photoshop anymore, it was just a one off for a family joke, although he does have a girlfriend now so maybe I’ll photoshop my face on hers instead! Haha! Just kidding.

I’m hoping if there is ever another photo of myself and Greg James that, that one wouldn’t be photoshopped!

We hope so too, Emma!

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