Girl Photoshops Picture With Gru’s Head… Her Grandma Thinks It’s Her

Allison and her grandma Joy who mistook her meme of Gru and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas for herUNILAD

Grandmas on social media are one of the best things ever. The innocent way they take everything at face value and miss the childish subtleties of the internet is truly endearing.

Allison Davis, from Dallas, has a particularly hilarious grandma, who unwittingly made the internet cry with laughter when she mistook a meme for her granddaughter.

Allison decided to jump on the trend of creating memes around the Despicable Me character Felonius Gru. Hers was a front cover of Fergie’s The Duchess album (great album), with a caption reading ‘big gorls don’t cry’.

Allison's big gorls don't cry meme which her grandma thought was herUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Allison said:

Basically I thought the gorl memes were funny at the time and so I put Grus face on Fergie and captioned it ‘big gorls don’t cry’.

My 87 year old grandma, who I love very much, must have been a little confused and she thought it was me. However, I’m still proud of her for being on Twitter, she even has a Snapchat.

So basically she commented ‘that’s a great picture of you’ and to ‘feel better’ because I had been sick, but also maybe cause the caption was talking about crying.

Allison continued:

I just thought it was hilarious. I didn’t even correct her, I just said thank you and took the compliment. Grandmas really try and be the sweetest, I love her to death.

Some people were saying ‘why do you have your grandma on twitter’ and I think if they met my grandma they would understand. She is hilarious. However I don’t think mistaking me for ‘Fer-gru’ was on purpose but I still thought it was hilarious.

Allison and her grandma Joy who mistook her meme of Gru and Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas for herUNILAD

In response to Allison’s meme on Twitter, her grandma Joy wrote:

Great picture of you. Hope you are feeling better and finals go well.

It’s just funny on so many levels. First of all it’s an animation on top of a celebrity’s body, there is no part of that which belongs to Allison.

It’s completely acceptable from an 87-year-old grandmother, I mean, it’s impressive she even uses Twitter, but to make matters worse, Allison’s dad made the same mistake!

Her sister responded to the tweet saying: 

Update: Dad thought it was you at first also.


Allison posted screenshots of her grandma’s hilarious mistake on Twitter and it received over 41k likes and 6.5k retweets.

One Twitter user wrote:

Got so many weird looks at the dining hall bc i burst into tears and became the physical embodiment of the laugh-crying emoji omg IM DEADDD

Another said:

This is the cutest! Your Grandma is such a sassy babe

For those of you who don’t know why you started seeing Gru’s face plastered all over celebrities, it was because of the way he pronounced the world ‘girl’ in the film. It came out at ‘gorl’, so naturally the internet began replacing the word ‘girl’ in songs with his version.

Poor, Allison, don’t worry. I don’t think you look anything like Gru.

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