Girl Receives Creepiest Message On Depop


As a girl, when someone asks about your bralet top on the second-hand selling app Depop, you’re going to assume it’s a girl and they’re interested in it, you know, to wear.

Welsh lass Lauren Williams (who on a side-note has the best Welsh accent) fell very innocently and unwittingly into a really creepy conversation with a guy who ultimately, wanted to pay her £20 extra to wear her bra for a day before sending it.

Just not what you want to hear when you’re just trying to make a few quid for your old clothes.


Speaking to UNILAD, Lauren explained:

Basically I had those mails on Depop thinking someone wanted to buy one of my bralets, I didn’t take much notice of the name. I thought it was a girl because of the interest of, well, a bra top, then he offered me £30 for it to be sent worn all day and unwashed!

He said ‘do you still have the bra available’, and I sell a few chain bras and stuff, so I said ‘do you mean the chain bra’, and he said ‘no the green one’.

Then he asked ‘has it been washed’, and I was like ‘I can wash it if you want’, because some people are funny about stuff like that, and then he said ‘is it okay if you wear it all day and send it to me unwashed’.

I thought this was really creepy and hilarious to be fair… but it’s safe to say it did not get sold to him and is still available.


Lauren continued:

At that point I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I sent it to my boyfriend and we were literally laughing our heads off. He said I should sell it but not send it for being so cheeky, but I wouldn’t do that.

I screen-shotted it and then ignored it, but then he messaged me again saying ’30?’ and it was only up for like a tenner. I just put a load of cry face emojis, and then he said ‘Is that a yes?’ and then I just didn’t reply.

One Twitter user wrote: ‘FU*KING DO IT!! get Matthew to wear it’, while another advised her: ‘report him to Depop he’ll get a warning’.

Lauren posted screenshots of the creepy conversation on Twitter captioned: ‘Honestly may delete Depop’ – it received 153 likes.

Lauren Williams received messages on DepopUNILAD

Speaking of strange happenings on Depop, one girl was seen trying to sell her McDonald’s uniform on the site, advertising it as ‘Maccies trousers with a little M on the butt cause remember, your ass is a snack. Never been worn, cute yellow stitching around the button hole. There are cute cargo trousers for a night out, would look great with a little bandeau top’…hilarious.

A genius idea some of Lauren’s friends came up with, was to sell and send the bralet to the guy, but to get Lauren’s boyfriend to wear it all day instead.

I kind of wish she did that to be honest, teach him to stop being so creepy!

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