Girl Recreates Entire Love Island Series So Far On The Sims

Love Island villa on The SimsUNILAD

This summer’s Love Island season is in full swing and one fan of the show has really gone all out.

One day Georgina Moulsdale, 22, decided to sit down on Sims 4 and take on the mammoth challenge of recreating the entire 2018 series so far.

The spectacular creation has been designed to a tee, with each tiny detail spoken for, including the fairy lights, grass wall, Eyal’s hair, confession pillow, and of course lonely Dr Alex.

Eyal and Megan on The SimsUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Georgina said:

My friend knew that I played on Sims because I was constantly sending her snapchats of my Sims doing funny things and she joked that I should make Dr Alex from Love Island because she loves him!

I started showing her the Create A Sim feature and we made Alex. We made a couple of other Islanders and she joked that I should make the villa.

The next morning I had an interview and it went well so when I got home I just wanted to relax, so I thought I’d go on Sims and maybe build something.

I then remembered about the villa. So I went on to Google and found different angles and images of the building and the interior of the villa. I just started to build.

All in all the build took Georgina around seven hours, which is pretty good going. With a creation like that, I easily could have gotten lost for a few days.

Georgina posted her creation to Twitter and it received over 4.5k retweets and 29.3k likes, with commenters gushing over how incredible it was.

One commenter wrote:

This is f**king amazing and I appreciate it so so much. You’re living the extra life I wish I was leading. An example to us all. I’m not even joking. I want your dedication.

I think my favourite of the entire thing has got to be Eyal. Just look at that hair.

Eyal on The SimsUNILAD

She continued:

I first started with the foundations and the basic outline of the building. When we look at an aerial view of the villa there is one long building that contains the main body of the house, a small porch like area at the side, the balcony roof area and the glass roof over the kitchen.

Once I’d mapped out the building and where everything was going, I started on the garden. I made the pool first as this give me a reference to where everything else would go (such as the gym, fire pit, hot tub and bar).

It took me forever to figure out how I was going to put the day beds in. I knew I wanted them just in front of the kitchen, in the actual villa there is a lot of space between them.

That is my only problem with the game actually, that you can’t expand the lot you’re on – whatever is there you have to work with. I then put in the tiled and wooden floor, the outdoor furniture and then some decorations.

Alex getting into bed on his ownUNILAD

The fairy lights are Georgina’s favourite but apparently took a pretty long time to get them in the right place and link them together.

She then went to recreate the grass wall and gifted the Islanders a sauna to chill in after a long day of, whatever it is they do all day.

Dani and Jack on The SimsUNILAD

Speaking about the reaction her creation got, Georgina said:

To be honest I was really overwhelmed. When my tweet got 111 likes I posted it to Facebook and my friends and I all had a laugh. I woke up in the morning and it was at 500 and now it’s nearly at 30K!

It’s actually insane I’m so thankful for everyone’s lovely comments, out of thousands of people there’s only been about 10 negative comments which is amazing really.

I think it’s hilarious that everyone is so excited about a Sims 4 build. So many people have said they are buying the game just to download this. Where’s my cheque, EA?

I’m just happy to know that people like it. I usually only build for myself but you never know I might upload some other houses in the future.

Love Island pool on The SimsUNILAD

It’s safe to say that Georgina absolutely smashed it.

She’s made me want to dust off the old Sims discs and delve back into their world again.

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