Girl Responds To Guy Asking For Bum Pictures In The Perfect Way

by : UNILAD on : 20 Jul 2018 19:47
Girl who sent revenge boys bum photoGirl who sent revenge boys bum photoUNILAD

This girl received messages every single day from a ‘creepy guy’ asking for photos of her bum.


Naturally, that started to grate on Charlie Harris, and she began to plot her hilarious revenge.

Charlie finally gave in and sent the guy a photo of a bum, little did he know, it was actually a man’s bum, adorned with lace knickers.

Tweet about revenge men's bum photoTweet about revenge men's bum photoUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Charlie said:


The guy had been asking me for pictures for about a year. He added me on Snapchat and more or less every day sent a message asking to see my bum.

He started by calling me ‘little bum’ to try and get me to bite and then he would tell me to send pics to prove it wasn’t little. His own Snapchat story was full of pictures of other girls nudes and him calling them names.

He even posted videos of his sexual encounters and took the mick out of them afterwards, so when he repeatedly pestered me for pictures I thought ‘you know what, I’m gonna get him back for all the girls he has been so rude and disrespectful about’, so me and my friend thought let’s send him a picture of a guys arse!

Snapchat messages from creepy guySnapchat messages from creepy guyUNILAD

In response to the photos of the bum, the creepy guy said ‘good ass’ and ‘you turn me on so bad’.

The guy whose bum was used also replied to the tweet, saying:

Oh my god I’m soooo happy my ass is being put to good use.

Snapchat messages from creepy guySnapchat messages from creepy guyUNILAD

Charlie continued:

The response has been mad. My phone has been going crazy. Most people think it’s hilarious, others say why don’t I just block him, but I had blocked him before and clearly it didn’t work, plus I wanted to get my own back for the girls he is so horrible about. Girls have to have each other’s backs!

I definitely feel like I got revenge, especially after he asked to save it, then asked for more “Cuz you turn me on bad x” he also said he knew I had a special body which we found hilarious seeing as though it was a man. Hopefully he will learn his lesson that it’s not okay to pester anyone for pictures and act the way he does.

The guy posted a picture of his ass on twitter so I asked if I could use it to get my own back on a guy, he insisted that I did! He’s really happy that everyone’s been saying how good his bum is!


As Charlie said herself, the moral of the story is ‘don’t pester girls and trust nudes when it could be dudes’.

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