Girl Sees Her Boyfriend On A Date With Another Girl, Gets Instant Revenge

Corrina FossUNLAD

A girl took revenge on her boyfriend when she saw him on a date with another woman in a restaurant.

21-year-old Corrina Foss, from Minnesota, had been in a relationship with a guy for almost eight months and decided to move in together just three months ago.

While working at her job one day last month, Corrina got a call from her mate telling her to come to a restaurant in town immediately.

Corrina Foss UNILAD

The friend had spotted Corrina’s boyfriend having a meal with another girl and so Corrina told a manager she had to leave work for ‘an emergency’.

When Corinna arrived she saw the couple and, understandably angered, decided to get her revenge by pouring water over her now ex-boyfriend.

She exclusively told UNILAD:

When I arrived they were sitting right there. I was mad and confused mostly, so I just had to say something. Being cheated on does not feel good.

I asked him why he’d do that to me and all he said was ‘you need to leave’ as he smiled at me.

He was smiling the whole time, which really grinded my gears. His date was awkwardly sitting there smirking and looking at her phone.

His smiling and short answers triggered me to embarrass myself in front of the whole town.

P*ssed off, betrayed and confused, my heart was racing and I poured water over him.

Corinna admitted she also wanted to pour water over the girl’s face too as she ‘knew of the girl and she knew they were together’. She also added how the girl’s actions were just as sh*tty as her boyfriend’s.

Corrina Foss restaurantUNILAD

After Corrina had her revenge, she ran out of the restaurant in tears, upset by the events which had unfolded.

Luckily, her friends were there for comfort and support and Corrina told us:

My friends came running out after me saying ‘wait, why you crying? You just poured water on him and chucked the cup at his face!’.

And they then hyped me up and ever since I have felt good for getting out of that relationship. Because who knows how long he was cheating!! And I damn well know I deserve better.

They just couldn’t believe how dumb he was for taking another female out for a date right in town where we all live!!!

All my friends and family think he is gross and a complete idiot. And they are glad that I got out of that relationship as quick as I could. I’m never going to go back to him, ever.

The same night, Corrina moved out of the flat she shared with her boyfriend, officially calling an end to their relationship.

However, she told UNILAD she’s still waiting to get ‘closure’:

I haven’t got any closure yet as we haven’t really talked. Also everything in the house I own so there are a lot of trips there and back.

We hope everything calms down soon for you Corrina!

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