Girl Sends Brother A Picture Of Her Prom Dress And Gets Savage Reply

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Ah siblings… Hate them or love them at the end of the day you are related so you just have to put up with them.

While my sister and I spent most of our childhood pulling each other’s hair, arguing over Barbie dolls and just being damn right bitchy to each other, there were some good times. Some.

However, as we grew older we both discovered there was nothing we loved more than taking the mickey out of each other which was just our way of showing affection, I suppose.

unilad lydia box sam prom photo brotherUNILAD

It turns out this is the case for the majority of siblings including Lydia Box and her older brother Sam from Pennsylvania.

Earlier this month 17-year-old Lydia attended her prom in a stunning blue and white dress she had picked out in April from David’s Bridal shop.

As we all know prom night is a big deal and so an excited Lydia was eager to show off her beautiful gown to her family.

unilad lydia box sam prom photo brotherUNILAD

Wanting her family to see the dress she had picked, Lydia decided to send a few photos to her family group chat.

While the majority of the responses she received were pretty normal, Lydia’s 24-year-old brother Sam just couldn’t resist cracking a joke.

Only 15 minutes after Lydia had sent the photos, Sam had wrapped himself up in a table cloth which had a very similar pattern and colour scheme to the prom dress.

He even captioned the snap with ‘yo, we’re twins’:

unilad lydia box sam prom photo brotherUNILAD

It is safe to say Sam really did nail Lydia’s look with remarkable similarities between his garment of choice and her prom dress.

He certainly rocked that table cloth!

When Lydia saw the photo she of course burst into laughter and knew she shouldn’t have expected anything less from Sam.

She told UNILAD:

I cried laughing and my normally very clean mum replied saying ‘that’s f***ing hilarious’.

Ever since I remember my brother has been the funniest person I’ve known. He’s a little over the top with it sometimes but he always manages to make everyone laugh.

He’s definitely known in our family and by my friends for being really funny. A little embarrassing sometimes, but definitely funny.

It must be easy to forgive him though for being embarrassing sometimes as his jokes are just too funny!

And it has to be said, no one else would have come up with a brilliant response to Lydia’s photo like Sam did!

unilad lydia box sam prom photo brotherUNILAD

Wanting to share Sam’s joke with the world, Lydia posted the two photos to her Twitter account writing:

Sent my brother some prom pics and all I got back was ‘twins’ and this picture lmfaooooo.

unilad lydia box sam prom photo brotherUNILAD

Speaking to UNILAD, Lydia couldn’t believe the reaction her tweet was receiving:

Everyone was talking about it. My mum showed it to all her friends and my family and whoever didn’t see it from her, saw it from my tweet.

People were coming up to me in school saying how hilarious it was. I even showed my teacher and at first she thought he was wearing the actual dress I wore!

Everyone thought it was really funny, especially the ones who know Sam. They know he would totally do something like that.

If Sam is always like this, do you reckon he wouldn’t mind being my brother too?

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