Girl Sends Embarrassing X-Rated Picture To Family Group Chat

by : UNILAD on : 15 May 2018 21:13

You sent the wrong text to the wrong person, we’ve all been there, but never quite to a life changing extent.


Well, feel for Vicky Ernst who ‘woke up that morning and life changed forever’.

She said she couldn’t make eye contact with her grandparents the day after she sent them and her parents an X-rated picture that was meant for her husband.

After glass of wine, the young mum sent her husband a risqué meme with a scene from Spongebob with the caption ‘When you sucking his d**k and get a whiff of hole’.


Speaking to UNILAD, Vicky said:

So I thought it would be a good meme to send to my husband since men always have this stupid idea that our bodies and our lady parts are supposed to smell like a freshly picked bouquet all the time. I just wanted to remind my husband he isn’t always so fresh himself.

We are all human but instead I sent it to my grandparents and parents and was absolutely mortified.

I tried to have my grandpa delete the text off my grandma’s phone before she woke up but it turns out her phone was charging on the nightstand and she could hear the group chat blowing up around 7 am so and the irony is THAT is what woke her up.


Vicky continued:

My grandma was basically thinking ‘wow, it’s must be really important! I should get up out of bed and go check that!’

So yeah I will definitely be much more cautious when sending pictures next time! I had a little wine that night so definitely next time I will triple check before sending anything.

I woke up that morning and my life changed forever I could not make eye contact with my grandparents the next day when I had to see them.


Vicky posted the screenshot of the conversation to Twitter with the caption ‘I just accidentally sent this in the group chat with my GRANDPARENTS and PARENTS in it I am dead’.

The tweet got 16 retweets and 109 likes, with a few strange commenters offering their phone numbers out and asking her to send the meme to them.


Speaking about here family’s reactions, Vicky said:

Besides waking my grandma up from her slumber, my mom said I was crazy, my aunt told me my other aunt was going to throw up when she woke up and read it, and that aunt never responded to it. That was pretty much it.

I haven’t sent any messages in the group chat since I’ve been too embarrassed even for innocent things like my daughter learning to crawl and what not.

I’m not sure how I’d face my family ever again after sending them a meme referring to oral sex with my husband.

I still can’t believe her grandma woke up and got out of bed to see what the commotion was.

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