Girl Sends Fortnite Supply Drop To Boyfriend For His Birthday


If you haven’t played Fortnite yet, what are you doing with your life? 

Seriously, even as I write this article, all I’m doing is thinking about nosediving straight into Tomato Town. Nervously wondering around a building, hearing footsteps coming from every direction and just praying the first chest I stumble across contains a green pump shotgun.

Inevitably, I’d find a useless grey pistol next to 10 pieces of wood and finish 91st out of a possible 100, but wow what fun I’d have.

I’m not the only one completely obsessed with the free-to-play game.

One gamer was so addicted, his girlfriend knew with his birthday coming up, so was aware she’d have to buy him something Fortnite related.

25-year-old Kim Morgan decided, instead of buying v-bucks for her boyfriend Callum, she’d make him his very own supply drop to open on his 27th birthday on March 21.

Kim told UNILAD

I was half watching him play while having a little drink. A supply drop landed on the game and it was like a light bulb came on above my head.

I thought of doing it filled with booze and I was drinking blue WKD at the time, which made a perfect colour for the shields.


The supply drop contained bandages, guns, ammo, shields (filled with WKD) and a medkit containing a can of beer.

As you can imagine, Callum, who’s an online Fornite streamer (you can subscribe to his YouTube channel here), absolutely loved the surprise when it landed in the back garden at midnight – since opening the package, he’s already consumed both potions and the medkit.

So although he’ll probably wake up tomorrow with a hangover, at least he’ll be at 200 health.

Kim continued: 

I brought it home from my brothers at midnight and put it in the garden. Then told him I heard something land in the garden and to check out the window. He literally shouted ‘oh my god, I’ve got a supply drop!’

It was fantastic, he ran straight down to it.


Callum also had more presents to open when he got back into the house.

His creative girlfriend added:

I also bought him a PS4 camera so he can now do a face reveal on his stream, on which he has over 100 subscribers. Plus I’m paying for him to attend a game of poker this weekend.

Fair play to Kim, it’s the most impressive thing I’ve seen since the time I actually landed in Tilted Towns and came out alive.

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