Girl Sends Hilarious Anonymous Text To Boyfriend Pretending To Be NHS

by : UNILAD on : 29 Jun 2018 16:46
Girl who played NHS prank on friendGirl who played NHS prank on friendUNILAD

What’s the first thing you do when you get given the superpower of being able to send anonymous texts?


Pretend to be the NHS, obviously. Aimee Crombie from Fife, Scotland, messed with her new boyfriend Fraser, making him question whether he’d knocked someone up.

The 22-year-old administration assistant has only just made it official with her boyfriend and thought she’d start things, hopefully as she means to go on, by sending him a text from the ‘NHS’ regarding a ‘paternity test’.

Tweet about NHS prankTweet about NHS prankUNILAD

The text read:


Mr Moncrieff, please get in contact with the NHS to organise the paternity test of claim #45746. This is an urgent matter. Kind regards NHS.

Speaking to UNILAD, Aimee said:

The guy in the tweet is my boyfriend. I always joke around about him becoming a dad and I was bored at work yesterday and found out that I can send anonymous texts from my work system so just as a prank I pretended to be the NHS text system and knew that this would wind him up.

He fell for it straight away when he received the text to which he asked me if it was myself that was pregnant however after explaining that a paternity test is for someone who has already had a baby I think he started to get worried.

I kept the joke going for a little while then finally told him it was me that sent the text, he found it pretty hilarious.

Talking about his reaction to the prank, Aimee said:

It was hilarious! He did get worried and tried to contact the number it was sent through however when he called an automated voicemail advised that the number he is trying to call can not accept incoming calls which is the usual case if you try contact the NHS number but he knew deep down it was a prank.

Her boyfriend texted her saying ‘it must be someone on a wind up’, but he was clearly panicked. Poor guy.

Messages about NHS prankMessages about NHS prankUNILAD

When he found out it was Aimee, Fraser said:

F**k you honestly my heart’s racing.

I tried phoning it back and it wasn’t recognised so it made me think it maybe the NHS.

That’s decent from you I’ll give it to you. I am f**king creased.

Messages about NHS prankMessages about NHS prankUNILAD

Aimee posted screenshots of the messages to Twitter captioned ‘can send anonymous texts off my work computer and poor Fraser thinks he’s a someone’s dad [sic]’. The tweet received 201 likes and Aimee got messages from people who found it funny.

In response to Aimee’s tweet, Fraser posted ‘Aye it’s fine to laugh now but a nearly had a fu**king stroke’.

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